Pieces of Us - Reflection...

This project has been amazing.  Firstly I am super proud of myself for completing the whole challenge, getting it documented and uploaded, waiting to be printed into a photobook at the end of the year.

This was a particularly hard week for me and one where I needed to find a lot of strength to get through it.  At one point it all got too hard for me and I just hit rock bottom.  Doing this project made me look at everything a little differently.  Yes my week was hard (bloody hard actually) but taking photos of my day made me stop, look and think about, not just the big awful thing but the little good things as well.  I needed to give myself a little love these last few days and also practice a little self love.  I often wonder if projects like these come up just when you need them.

I also loved the format that I chose to document this project.  I know what I'm like, if I make things too difficult I just don't finish them.  Breaking each day down into little snippets was a way for me to include many things without too much hassle.  Using the same template for each day also meant not having to think to much about how I was going to set it all out.  I also liked the template because I could change it up depending on how many photos I took.  Some days were a double page spread and others were just a single page.  

My favourite though is probably the last two pages.  The prompt was to take a "reflection" photo.  I took just one photo and decided to do a reflection in words about the week.  As I said before this project helped me in so many ways this week.  I am just so glad I took part, made it easy, took photos of myself and told my story.

I have shared my pages on Instagram but I have included them below so you can see them all together.

This really has been a wonderful project.Tracey xo


Pieces of Us - self portrait adventure...

I am so excited about Ali Edwards "Pieces of Us - Self portrait challenge" and I cannot wait to get started tomorrow.  

One of the reasons I am so excited about this project is because back in 2015 I took part in the #myselfiescrapbook challenge where I created a photobook based on a list of prompts and selfies based on those prompts.  It is still one of my most favourite projects ever.  I often think about doing the challenge again and creating another photobook just to see how life has changed so when Ali announced the Pieces of Us challenge I knew I had to take part.  

I thought I would share my thoughts about this challenge and how I intend to document it.  As you know I am doing a photobook so my pages are digital.  I have already made my base pages using a page from the "Yearbook Album Kit" from Paislee Press.  I resized the template as the original template is 12x12 and by photobook is 5x8.  I deleted some of the elements as they didn't all fit plus I didn't need that many spaces for photos.

At this stage I am thinking of approaching this project similar to that of  a "Day In the Life".  For example a double page spread would be photos and words all about Feet then the next double page would be hands etc.  I am not setting this idea in stone as it just depends on how many photos I can take each day.  I don't want this to be bigger than it needs to be, I need to keep it simple.  I know what I am like and if I make it too hard I won't finish it.

Happy Selfie taking and I can't wait to see all the fabulous stories and photos that we uncover.



OLW - Vision Board January...

During the year long OLW class with Ali Edwards we always do a vision board.  Some years I have done this and others not so much.  I love vision boards and I love how they are a constant reminder of what your vision is.

I have a cork board in my craft room that usually gets stuff stuck to it and it just stays there until I stick something else over or near it.  I don't really pay much attention to it.  It's just there with "stuff" on it.

When I walk into my craft room the first thing I see is my cork board.  Early on in January I walked into my craft room, looked at the cork board and thought, I need to clean that "stuff" off.  So I removed everything and then found myself standing in front of the board, staring at it blankly.  I had many thoughts going through my mind but mostly I kept thinking, I need to use this for something important.  Something that will make me stop every time I walk into my craft room.  And then it hit me.  A vision board.  Why not do a vision board every month focusing on my OLW.  It could be added to, changed, things removed based on what I want to focus on for that month.

For the past three weeks I have been finding bits and pieces that speak to me.  Pieces that will help me stay focused on my OLW.  I haven't really worried too much about where things should go or if they match.  I just filled up spaces, overlapped pieces and added words.  I used procreate to hand write my OLW and then cut it out in my Silhouette Cameo.

The end result...  perfect and I love it.

I photographed my board and added it to my photobook file.  I also added some typed words to highlight the main points of my vision board.  I can't wait to see how these boards change over the year.

Tracey xo


Creative goals so far...

It's midway through January, which I can't believe.  Where have those days gone?  With the first month rushing by already I am focusing on going slow.  Just taking my time and not getting too caught up in my "to do" list.  And that's how I have been with my Creative goals list as well, but I thought I would share my progress so far.

My Coffee Book is starting out nicely.  I love it and I can already tell that this is probably going to be my favourite project of the year.  I love that its just one photo and words with just a few other bits added in but the focus is definitely on the story.  I seriously can't wait to see what stories I get to tell here.

I have spent all month trying to figure out how I want to document our stories for 2020.  It has literally taken me the whole month so far to work it out but I think I have a formula now that will work for me.  I won't be doing project life in the traditional sense, I won't even be doing it as weekly spreads either, instead I will be focusing on a story and telling that.  I will probably break up the book by months but I'm not sold on that yet, so we'll see.  

I have been reading a ton and loving it.  I have already read Souldful Simplicity and Steal like an Artist and loved both.  I am currently reading Get the Girls Out and Life-Changing Foods.  I usually find in January that I like to read books about change, perspective and growing.  It helps set my mind for the year.

Managed to get a Creative Get Together organised as well which was so good.  It's just what we needed and have already agreed to do it way more often.  I made a start on my embroidery and totally amazed myself at doing the leaf stitch.  You have no idea how stoked I was.

I have been working very hard on my OLW - Nourish.  I am currently going to the physio, getting massages done and yes I am even going to try Pilates.  The first two I am loving although I am not sure how the Pilates thing will end up, but I am just trying to do what ever will benefit my mind, body and soul.

Well that's a brief catch up on what I have been doing creatively.  I am loving my progress so far but still maintaining the "go slow" approach and trying to enjoy the journey instead of just the end result.

staying slow...
Tracey xox


OLW - Starting out slow...

I thought I would share my progress so far on my OLW for 2020.

In previous years I went all out in the first few days of January, printed out all my cards, wrote all my intentions, reason why etc etc.  Posted in on Instagram and was very proud of my self at my great achievement.  However, I found that this meant I got January done and out of the way but that's where it ended.  Of course I had my OLW with me for the entire year but I didn't really work on it or let it work on me.  Some years I did some of the other other prompts and some years, well, I didn't.  As like every other year I am determined to do this right this year, and to make sure, I am going slow.

I have done some of the prompts for January but for the most part I am just letting my word smoulder inside of me, see what it's trying to tell me, what direction it wants me to go in.  I have also decided to it digitally, which to be honest, I am not sure how it's going to go but I am willing to try it out.  My intention is to get it printed into a photobook at the end of the year... if I continue to work on my word.

I used this quote (above) last year and decided to use it again.  I love the words and I like the encouragement to work on becoming me, just me and I like that.  I even kept some of the same words that I used for my reason why etc because those things still need my full attention.  I haven't done my intentions yet because I am still mulling over what I want from this year, myself and life.

After listening to the first class video a lot of what Ali said really struck a cord with me.  In particular the words "it's ok to go slow".  That is what I am doing this time round, going slow, listening, looking, feeling, wandering, asking and playing with my word.

I also like these lines...
"it's ok to dip your toe in and see if it's right for you"
"own where you are"
You are starting a new relationship"
"Show up. You get out of something what you put in"

all of these things are forefront in my mind and will help guide me through my word.

I am also going to add in extra pages when I see something that I want to remember like this journal card from Ali Edwards.  This will be a double page in my photobook and one that I already love.
I hope you are enjoying your OLW so far and I can't wait to see all the adventures that our word will lead us on.



Creative Goals 2020

Happy New Year!

Yes I am just as shocked as you are to see me here, and blogging.  As we all do at the end of one year and at the beginning of another, we think about what we did or didn't do, whether our year was good or bad and we try and come up with a fail safe list of things that will make the new year a better one.  I am laughing even as I am writing this.

Being the list girl that I am, I have spent the last 24/48 hours thinking and writing about all the things that I want to do in 2020.  My list is long I can assure you but I decided that I would share my creative goals here, with you and hope that by putting it "out there" it just might make me more accountable.  Yep, I'm laughing again.

So what do I want to do creatively this year I here you ask?  Let me tell you:-

1.  Memory keeping - I am a little stuck here.  I do want to record our stories but I am just not sure what approach I want to take.  I know I definitely don't want to do an album of any size and although the travellers notebook was good it still wasn't the perfect solution for me.  Right now I am considering doing something digital, probably a photobook.  I do know that I am not going to rush this decision, rather just let it simmer and see where it goes.

2.  Photobooks - I have several that I am already doing and I am loving them so my challenge is to get them finished and printed.

3.  Embroidery - I have just started to have a go at embroidery and love it.  My plan is to keep this up throughout the year.  Nothing too much, just one every now and then.

4.  Grow more plants - In 2019 I started growing indoor plants and to my amazement I haven't killed them off yet.  I love how they make me feel so I definitely want more, especially in my craft room.

5.  Declutter - This is a big one.  My craft room needs a good going over.  However, my approach is going to be a slow one.  I am giving myself the year and in that time I want to have sold off/donated/trashed things that I no longer use (my collection of stamp sets is just way too much which is funny considering I hardly ever stamp anymore).  Make more room for space. Yes that's right, room for space not just making a space so that I can fill it again.  Then I want to add more plants.  Sounds like a plan right.  Yep I know, laughing again.

6.   OLW - I  love having a word however, I don't always spend the time on it that I should. I am doing Ali Edwards class this year and I am determined to work on it every month.  I am not sure how I am going to document it though, but I am not worried.  I am just going to let it come to me on it's own.

7.  Read more books - Over the last few months I have started to get back into reading and I am totally loving it.  So my plan is to keep reading.

8.  Thursday 3 -  I will be honest here,  I am still sitting on the fence about this one.  I like the idea but not sure if it is something that I will start and then not finish.  Again not stressing too much, just an idea and I will see how I go.

9.  Craft Get Togethers - This is a big one.  I used to do this all the time and then it stopped so I am determined to get it back up and running.

10.  Blogging - I will give you a moment to stop laughing...
For some reason I have the urge to blog but in saying that I usually do about this time of every year.  Lets see what happens.

11.  December Daily 2019 - I need to finish this.  And I will probably do a December Daily 2020.

12.  Cardmaking - This is another one of those "I think I want to do this" thing.  This year I actually bought cards to give to people and it just felt wrong so I think I need to get back into it.

Okay, there you have it.  It's a big list with lots of challenges but I must say I like the look of it.  I have also put my list, in a bit more detail, over on my side bar.

So here we  go.  Let's get more creative in 2020.
xox Tracey


When you have no photo - part two...

I am back to share another way I document our stories when I don't have any photos.

Using scrapbooking supplies that compliment your story is such an easy way to add interest and a focal point when you don't have a photo.  For my page above (left hand side) I wanted to tell the story of my daughter and her feelings about moving out.  The day before, when she came home to tell us that she had been offered a place to rent for free, she was so excited.  But, after sleeping on it she was not so sure.  She had so many mixed feelings and emotions.  I obviously didn't have a photo to go with this story but I really wanted to capture her mood and how she was feeling.  

I used the "house" digital stamp from one of Ali Edwards Story Kits "Home" and enlarged it so that I could turn in into a pocket to hold the story.  I added a few small embellishments and my page was done.  I was so happy how it turned out and the house really represents the story well.

(Patterned paper from Felicity Jane)

Ideas to help you get started:-

1.   Think about the story you want to tell and then go through your supplies and see if you can find something that will compliment your story.

2.   Think outside the box and don't be afraid to use things differently to how they were intended to be used.

3.   I used a digital stamp here but I could easily have hand cut out a house  or used my silhouette cameo.

4.   If I particularly wanted a photo, I could have taken a photo of our home, the one she will be moving out of and used that to help tell my story.

I hope this  helps you to get more stories told.  Please let me know if you have any other great ideas.  I also want to say a big thank you to those of your who shared your ideas both here and on my IG feed.  I loved hearing all your ideas.

xox  Tracey

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