Yesterday Today...

I was determined to document this story.
I wanted to tell the story, the story about things not going the way you had hoped.

Sometimes in life we go into something thinking one thing and walk out totally stunned because it was nothing like you thought.
I went in to have a mole cute out, nothing to serious, they just didn't like the look of it and thought it best to get it out.  They always tell you that they will contact you if they find anything.  I don't know about you but I never get a call so I wasn't expecting a call for this either.

They called.  The mole showed early signs melanoma which meant I had to go back and have more cut out, just to be sure.  I think it took a few days to sink in.

As soon as I got the Now & Then story kit from Ali Edwards my first thought was yesterday I was thinking one thing but today it is totally different.  I love getting these story kits because they get you thinking, thinking about stories that you might not otherwise tell.  I think this story is important because I want my kids to know that sometimes life throws a few curve balls, but it doesn't mean all doom and gloom.  It just might you mean you have to think a little differently.

What story's are you telling?
Love me :-)



I finally gave in...

Just recently received some very happy, happy mail from Feed Your Craft which included the new die cut flairs.  I wasn't sure if I would like them because, well, they are not flair buttons which I love.  But boy of boy, how wrong was I.  I love these tiny pieces of  fun and I think I need to order lots more.

The best thing about these die cuts is that they are flat.  Perfect for those of you who want to embellish your layouts our Project life pages but don't want the bulk.  And for us Aussies the shipping isn't much because they are flat and don't weight anything.

I also recently received my very first set of water colour paints... and I am addicted to them.  I want to paint everything.  My only problem is that I don't want to get them dirty LOL!  I am hoping to push past that.

For my title I painted a piece of white cardstock and then cut out the letters using dies from Papertrey Ink.
I also painted the background where I wanted my photo to go and then added a few paint splashes.  I didn't need to add much because my title and those cute die cuts were all that was needed.

Have you received any happy mail lately.
Love me :-)


Try again...

It always amazes me how just one little embellishment can spark a whole layout.  Well two little embellishments actually.  

Back in September we had a family day trip to a small country town.  We looked around the town, had a picnic lunch and enjoyed being outside and together.  I thought it would be a great opportunity for a selfie with my kids.  While I was trying to get the photo, the two of them kept fighting and hitting each other.  I just kept clicking away, hoping they would stop so I could get a good photo.  I never really got a good photo but I did get some very entertaining ones.  

I printed off the photos ages ago but couldn't get inspired to create anything with them.  When my order from Feed Your Craft arrived I couldn't open the packet quick enough to see what was inside.  As soon as I saw the "try again" and "of course" mini flairs I thought about these selfie photos.

I also used my silhouette cameo and sketch pens to add the "camera" and "click" images on my layout.

What inspires you to create??
love me :-)

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