#littlesummerJOY - book update...

Thought I would share a few more pages to my #littlewinterJOY photobook.    I only have a few more pages to do and it will be complete.  I always get so excited when these books are almost ready to be ordered.  This little project certainly has made me look for the JOY this season and its also pushed me to be active and not hibernate.

My most favourite prompt of the class would have to be Annette Harings "Hello Adventure" post but more particularly "sparks of serendipity".  When I went for this massage in Bali I wasn't overly keen but I am so glad I did because I got so much more than just a cheap massage.  I allowed myself to be in the moment and what followed was wonderful.  Once I pushed my mind passed a few things (like laying half naked on an old rickety bench) and allowed myself to be taken by my surrounds, I experienced pure JOY.

This photobook is part of the project #littlesummerJOY which you can find out about here.

Hope you are surrounded my JOY
love me :-)


My Reason Why...

I have had alot of thoughts going through my mind these past few weeks about why I do what I do - meaning why I take so many photos.
Right now Heidi Swapp and her family are showing such amazing courage through what I can only imagine to be the hardest thing to ever have to deal with.  But I am inspired her positive attitude and the importance she has placed on photos.  I drive my family nuts over photos but I keep on doing it because I believe its important.  I have never really thought about making a "statement" as to why, but when I received this months Story Kit from Ali Edwards I was inspired to do just that.  There was a little sticker sheet in the kit that had words on it that just seem to create an instant story in my head.  It was so "loud" in my head that I needed to get it down on paper straight away and I would like to share it with you now.

I guess I can call it my "mission statement".  Now more than ever, taking photos is important and I will continue to drive my family nuts.

love me :-)


#littlesummerJOY - photobook update

I thought it was probably time to share some of my finished pages in my photo book for #littlesummerJOY.
I have been struggling a bit with this project in terms of how I would put it all together.  My first thought was to do a photo book but then I had this idea to change my mind.  The only problem was I couldn't find another option that I really liked.  Then I kind of lost my mojo as I was spending way too much time on how I would put it together.
The up side though is that I kept taking my photos and kept keeping notes about the things that bring me JOY and how I was adding to JOY to my winter (summer for you guys).

I am happy to say that I am over my little "how will I put it all together" thing and I have gone back to my original idea of a photo book.  Maybe taking time to rethink gave me a little creative boost because my book is coming together so good now.

This little book is bringing me so much JOY now that I have got back into the flow of things.  But thats life right, it doesn't always go as you planned.  The trick though is to just keep working through it and you will come out at the other end.

Enjoy letting JOY into your life.
love me :-)

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