#littlesummerJOY - book update...

Thought I would share a few more pages to my #littlewinterJOY photobook.    I only have a few more pages to do and it will be complete.  I always get so excited when these books are almost ready to be ordered.  This little project certainly has made me look for the JOY this season and its also pushed me to be active and not hibernate.

My most favourite prompt of the class would have to be Annette Harings "Hello Adventure" post but more particularly "sparks of serendipity".  When I went for this massage in Bali I wasn't overly keen but I am so glad I did because I got so much more than just a cheap massage.  I allowed myself to be in the moment and what followed was wonderful.  Once I pushed my mind passed a few things (like laying half naked on an old rickety bench) and allowed myself to be taken by my surrounds, I experienced pure JOY.

This photobook is part of the project #littlesummerJOY which you can find out about here.

Hope you are surrounded my JOY
love me :-)

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