Totally excited and thrilled to let you know that I will be a contributor for a fun new project starting 1 July.  #littlesummerJOY is a wonderful project about finding your summer joy, capturing that joy, and documenting it. In a really simple, straight-forward way.

If you loved #myselfiescrapbook then you are going to love this.  I had so much fun doing #myselfiescrapbook, it took me on a journey that I was not expecting.  I captured some amazing photos of myself, yes myself, that I love all because of a great community of wonderful, supportive and encouraging women.  

As you may or may not know, I live in Australia so for us it is Winter.  How am I going to do a summer project I hear you ask?  I'm not!  I will be doing this project from a #littlewinterJOY.  I will be doing all the same prompts as everyone else only from a winter perspective.  I am so excited to be doing this project from a different angle and as Winter is my favourite season I am hoping the challenge won't be too hard.

At this stage I will be doing a photo book, similar to the one I did for #myselfiescrapbook (pictured above) as this was an easy, no fuss way for me to document this project.  I am also hoping to do the odd scrapbook layout and PL pages as well, but my main form of documenting will be the photobook.

A few things to note:

Registration opens 1 July 2015
Class starts 6th July 2015
for all the details head on over to Little Paper Projects.
Don't forget to register so that you are kept up to date with all the fun challenges and prompts.

I will be using the hashtag littlesummerjoy and littlewinterjoy
If you are following along a doing a #littlewinterjoy please remember to use the #littlesummerjoy as well so that we can all find you.  

let the JOY begin...
love me :-)


Yummy food...

Happy Friday everyone, hope your week has been a good one.  I am finishing up my week by sharing this layout using new Kellie Stamps called "brunch" which will be available for pre-order on the 1st July.

Again I used my stamps to help get me journalling.  I love going out to eat, love it!!  I would do it everyday if I could and this stamp set gave me just the right prompts to journal this little bit about  me.

 For my title I used the "yum" stamped to stamp yum.  I cleaned my stamp and just inked the letter M, stamped onto my cardstock, cleaned my stamp and repeated the last step again to stamp the letter Y.

The word everyday is from the "coffee" stamp set.  The whole stamp reads "everyday I'm hustlin.  I just inked the word "everyday" and stamped onto my layout.  I love how these stamps can be used with previous sets.

Remember stamps don't have to be stamped just as they are.  Be creative and have some fun.

I loved the "nom, nom, nom" stamp and how the same word appears three times but in different fonts.  I wanted to do the same for run, run, run.  The first two were easy because I used Kellie Stamps alpa sets "outline it" (may) and "stand tall" (coming soon) but I didn't have a third one.  But as I went through the stamp images from the "brunch" set I noticed the word run appears in the word brunch.  So I just inked those three letters and stamped onto my layout.

I added some ink splats, sequen stars and a veneer embellishment from Color Cast Designs from her set "foodie"

This has been such a fun week of sneaks for the next release of stamps that will be up for pre-order and July 1st.  I am hoping to share a few more sneaks.

Have a great weekend.
love me :-)


I heart coffee...

So excited to share this layout with you using one of my favourite stamps sets from Kellie Stamps.  Ok, yes I'll admit it - it's my favourite set but how can you help not love this set.

For this layout I wanted to document my love for my Nespresso coffee.  I hand cut a heart out of copy paper and laid it over white cardstock.  I then repeatedly stamped #coffeelover until the whole area was covered.  I also alternated between two different ink colours and "stamped off" to give me different shades of the same colours.
I used the "stand tall" (coming soon) to stamp the word heart and then I cut each letter out then stitched it onto my stamped heart.  I added a veneer letter "I" and a veneer coffee embellishment from Color Cast Designs to complete my layout.

I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out an arrow from glitter cardstock.

 To get my little banner of words at the top I partially inked several of stamps and just stamped the word/s that I needed onto pieces of white copy paper.  Cut them out then stitched to may layout.

We are getting close to pre-order (1st July) but I still have a few more sneaks to share.
Be back soon with some sneaks to tempt your taste buds.

Happy stamping
love me :-)


Camp to do list...

Hello everyone, I am back to show another sneaky peek at some new Kelly Stamps coming in July.  For this layout I have used the "coffee" stamp set and I know I shouldn't pick favourites, but this stamp set is so much fun to use.  I have also used "stand tall" alpha set that will be coming soon to Kellie Stamps.
These stamps couldn't have been more perfect.  The only way to survive school camp is to drink lots of coffee LOL!

The other great thing about Kellie Stamps is that they are so versatile and mix & match with previous sets so easily. 
The "repeat" word is from the stamp set "crazy" which was issued in April.  The whole stamp actually reads clean cook sleep repeat.  I only wanted the word repeat so I only stamped that part of the image and stamped it onto my layout.
The "but first coffee" wood veneer is from Color Cast Designs and is part of her coffee set.  I heard that they were nearly sold out so go check them out.

Hope your week is going well and I will be back tomorrow to show another sneak from Kelly Stamps July release.  This is so much fun.

Love me :-)



Popping in today to share a layout with you that I have had in my head since I first saw the "Today" stamps from Kellie Stamps.  (I think they have sold out but Junes stamps are up which are just as awesome).

I took this photo several weeks ago and shared it on Instagram as I was trying to get some inspiration to do project life, but procrastination set in and I just couldn't get my mojo going.
As soon as I saw the stamps, my mojo hit a high and a layout popped into my head.

I used the stamps as a jumping off point to tell my story.  I then added strips of paper with my journaling typed onto it.  These stamps explained exactly how I felt that day and how I did everything else but do project life.
Using your stamps is a great way to get you journalling.  It doesn't have to be a layout it could simply be a list that you pop straight into a notebook, diary, planner or project life album.
I did a similar layout before which you can read about here.
Have a look through you stamps, maybe you have some that you can add to your journalling.

these stamps certainly got me out of a creative rutt.
Do you procrastinate?  I would love to know how you push through.

love me :-)


mmmm coffee...

it's no secret I love coffee so I was beside myself when I saw the new Kellie Stamps coming in July.  If you like love coffee then you are going to want this stamp set.  More sneaks coming!!

I love my coffee
love me :-)


Kellie Stamps Design Team...

I am super excited and very thankful to be apart of this amazing group of talented ladies and to be creating for such a wonderful company.
Way back when I started my creative journey I was actually a stamper.  So if I am being totally honest my true love and something that comes easily to me is stamping.  I love that I can do so much with just a stamp, a black inkpad and white paper.  Although I have tried many different techniques in stamping I really love just basic stamping and how it can transform a plain piece of paper.

I hope that you will join me in this new creative venture where I hope to share lots of fun and inspiring projects.

Happy stamping
love me :-)


OLW - May...

I was a little stuck on this months prompt.  I find "I am" statements a little hard to do which is one of the main reasons I left it so long to tackle.  The other reason is that I am not really a big fan of mixed media.  Don't get me wrong - I love the look, textures and everything else about it, I just can't seem to get into it.
And to be honest the only reason I decided to tackle this tonight is to try and keep my mind of my daughter and the fact that she is driving home from work tonight (I am not sure I will ever get used to it).
I re-watched the video presentation and wrote notes and points as Ali was talking.  Before I knew it I had 9 "I am" statements done.  I thought about my OLW and that made me realise that I didn't need to do the "mixed media" thing.  I simplified things so that it fitted my style.  I got out my gold color theory paint from Studio Calico and the silk screens from Magic - Story Kit and decorated my cards.  Then I stamped the "I am" from the OLW Kit and added my words and drew a simple black border around the edges of my cards.

I am clearing out. De-cluttering - making more space to move and breathe.
I am using what have - buying less and having less has got me creating more.
I am working hard to be at peace with money.  I am not there but I am getting there.
I am letting go of spending my weekends doing chores and finding new ways to do things i.e. online food shopping.
I am believing in myself and giving myself permission to be amazing - new DT opportunities
I am struggling to commit to working on my fitness and health - but still trying.
I am enjoying my job - struggling at times but learning at every opportunity.
I am tired and consuming way too much chocolate... this is unusual for me and needs attention.
I am loving my OLW this year. Sticking with the monthly prompts is making a huge difference.

Have a great weekend.
Love me :-)


She got her licence...

digital elements from PaisleePress "open road"

Going to play with pretty paper - it will make me feel better right??
love me :-(


#hashtagthisweek - let's go shopping...

I love these prompts from Mandy at Turquoise Ave, they are fun and get you thinking about stories that you can add to your memory keeping.
This weeks prompt "Let's go shopping" was just perfect as last Saturday my daughter finally convinced me to take her to Horseland to buy some "much needed" things.  Every day for weeks she has been asking to go and I finally caved in LOL!  

and these free journal cards from Greyhouselane are so cool and were very easy to use.  You can get these here.

Here is a look at my layout...

I used all four journalling cards from Greyhouselane which made putting the layout together super easy.  One of the best things I have found about using digital items is that you never run out of them.  When I finished this layout I decided to add some splatters of mist (now I do usually do this before I stick everything down, but for some reason this time I didn't) just to finish off the layout.  As I was adding the last splatters I knocked the bottle over and spilt a huge blob of mist right on top of my layout.  Yes I did mention a few words that I cannot repeat here and I may have even have dropped the odd tear.  But then I realised that they were digital elements and I could just reprint them.  I carefully pulled off the two totally ruined journal cards and replaced them with new ones.  No the blob of mist just looks like its supposed to be there.

This was such a fun prompt and a fun layout to do.  Don't forget to check our Mandy's blog for future prompts.

Happy Friday
Love me :-)

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