OLW - May...

I was a little stuck on this months prompt.  I find "I am" statements a little hard to do which is one of the main reasons I left it so long to tackle.  The other reason is that I am not really a big fan of mixed media.  Don't get me wrong - I love the look, textures and everything else about it, I just can't seem to get into it.
And to be honest the only reason I decided to tackle this tonight is to try and keep my mind of my daughter and the fact that she is driving home from work tonight (I am not sure I will ever get used to it).
I re-watched the video presentation and wrote notes and points as Ali was talking.  Before I knew it I had 9 "I am" statements done.  I thought about my OLW and that made me realise that I didn't need to do the "mixed media" thing.  I simplified things so that it fitted my style.  I got out my gold color theory paint from Studio Calico and the silk screens from Magic - Story Kit and decorated my cards.  Then I stamped the "I am" from the OLW Kit and added my words and drew a simple black border around the edges of my cards.

I am clearing out. De-cluttering - making more space to move and breathe.
I am using what have - buying less and having less has got me creating more.
I am working hard to be at peace with money.  I am not there but I am getting there.
I am letting go of spending my weekends doing chores and finding new ways to do things i.e. online food shopping.
I am believing in myself and giving myself permission to be amazing - new DT opportunities
I am struggling to commit to working on my fitness and health - but still trying.
I am enjoying my job - struggling at times but learning at every opportunity.
I am tired and consuming way too much chocolate... this is unusual for me and needs attention.
I am loving my OLW this year. Sticking with the monthly prompts is making a huge difference.

Have a great weekend.
Love me :-)


  1. Very nicely done and just as effective without the mixed media background - I haven't done mine yet for exactly this reason. I will take a leaf from your book :). Lovely to read that your are really enjoying OLW this year!

  2. Hi Tracey! So glad you found a way to make this prompt work for you. It looks great and enjoyed reading your I AM thoughts. So proud of you and keeping up with OLW this year. This year has been amazing for you my friend!! I can see a happier more FREE you and it fits you well. Keep it up and keep sharing, would love to see them.


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