all I care about is coffee...

its no secret that I love coffee.  Actually its more than love is more like an obsession.
It's funny though if I think back, I didn't like coffee at all.  I loved the smell of coffee but not the taste.  But I had never had real coffee, only instant coffee (which is no wonder why I didn't like coffee - I still hate instant).  One christmas day my Uncle made an espresso coffee and I couldnt' stop raving about how glorious the smell was. He asked if I wanted a cup.  I laughed at first, but then thought, why not.
... and so begun my addition to coffee.

 I recently ordered some flair buttons from Feed Your Craft and what better way to use them but to do a layout about coffee.  We have an Nespresso Coffee Machine (affectionately called George) and when I need to go and buy new pods you get to have a free coffee.  Its one of the many things I love about my "George" and this layout is all about documenting that little story.

My title was inspired by a wood mount stamp from Kellie Stamps and the cute coffee flair button.

What little story have you documented lately??

love me :-)


2015 Blog-tember challenge - bucket list

I am not sure that I really have a bucket list as such.

I just want to travel the world, experience different cultures, taste amazing food and document the ride.

It's that simple, now if only Lotto would pay out, this dream would become a reality.

But on a serious note, my true bucket list is to "live life".  I want to experience all that it has to offer.  I don't want to get old, be sitting in my rocking chair, surrounded by my Grand Children and say to them "I wish I had done________ ".  I don't want to have any regrets.  I want to do all that I can do, experience all that I can experience and enjoy a  full life.

... and be thankful for the adventure!!

love me :-)


Kellie Stamps - going digital

Sometimes life goes along, buzzing, moving ahead, going somewhere, although you are not that worried. You think you have things mapped out, what direction you are going in and then there is a shift, a change and one that you have no control over.  Its not a huge devastating change but one that puts you in a different direction.   One you hadn't really thought about before.

I have been on the Kellie Stamp Creative Team for several months now and can honestly say that its been such an amazing and fun ride.  I have loved the challenge of finding a way to use the stamps and hopefully inspired a few to give stamping a go.

Then I got the email to say that things were changing. Kellie Stamps was going digital.  DIGITAL!! what no stamps.  I was sad, I'll be honest here.  (you can read about why Kellie went digital here) And then I thought digital, I don't really do digital.  But I love the designs and I loved working with such a great team of ladies.

Change is not an easy thing for anyone and change is something I can do, but  sometimes I like things to stay just as they are.  But this was changing so I just had to "suck it up" and either move with the change or not. So glad I decided to "move with the change".

Going digital has given me a great opportunity to try something different.  Stretch my creative skills and learn some new ones.  If you follow me on Instagram you will know already that I am having the best time playing with these new digital files.  I am loving the challenge and I am loving where it is taking me.
I wanted to share some of my first creations using the new "kiddo" digital kit from Kellie Stamps.

this project life journal card is one of my absolute favourites.

sometimes change is knocking on your door and sometimes its just worth opening the door to see where it takes you.

Happy creating
love me :-)


2015 Blog-tember challenge - favourite season

I am back, playing along with Blog-tember challenge over at Brave Love Blog.  Missed the last few prompts but hoping to get back into again.

My favourite season... definately Winter.
I love it!
You would think living in Western Australia that I would love Summer (summer goes for like ever here lol) but it just gets too hot here.  Winter however, is just perfect for me.
We don't really get that cold here, okay we have the odd days that get cold but really its pretty good.  We even have sunshine most days in winter so who could  complain about that.

I love winter because...
I can wear my favourite jeans like all the time
I can snuggle on the couch with a blanket, coffee and a mag - bliss
I get to wear fluffy socks
I can live in my Ugg boots nearly 24/7
I get to wear fleecy pj's to bed (love these)
I sleep much better in winter
Love having the heater on
I go outside way more in Winter (odd isn't it)
I love being warm and cosy inside while its stormy outside
the smell of rain (total love)
it makes me happy

... and I get to wear scarves everyday.  Oh Yeah!

Whats your favourite season.
Love me :-)


2015 Blog-tember Challenge - My Playlist...

Ok... first up I need to be completely honest.  I don't really listen to music on my iPhone.  When I am in the car I always have the stereo on and in the morning I have it up real loud so I can sing all the way to work.  It kinda wakes me up, that and coffee. I do however, listen to music on my iPhone when I go for my power walks.  I only have about 10 songs on my "powerwalk" playlist (I only just scraped in to do this post) and I just keep playing them over and over again while I walk.  

These are the songs that I hit the pavement to, they keep me pumped and keep me walking at a fierce pace.  Each of these songs makes me happy and give me a burst of energy.  My only problem though is I tend to want to break out into a dance while I am listening to them.  I have been know to be walking and all of a sudden throw in a side step or two and wave my hands in the air. 

I love that music has the power to transform you into a different place, feeling or mood.

love me :-)


2015 Blog-tember Challenge - What am I passionate about...

What am I passionate about??

well that probably depends on who you ask...

If you asked my son he would tell you that I am passionate about photographing my feet and food... and he would be right!

some of my friends would tell you that I am passionate about Starbucks... and they would be right!

Some may say that it is my obsession with magazines and coffee... and they would be right!

My husband would tell you that I am passionate about photographing my food... and he would be right!

OK, what do I think I am passionate about - all of the above.  I love photographing food and seeing how creative I can get with just my iPhone (another thing I am passionate about).  I am super passionate about my coffee but I think you already know that.   I love my magazines and totally, without a doubt love Starbucks.  I guess you could say that I am passionate about alot of things.

One thing that I am very passionate about though, is being creative.  Not one day goes by that I don't do something creative. Wether it's taking photo's, scrapbooking, card making, stamping or project life.  I need to do something everyday, it's the way I relax at the end of the day.  I love learning new things and challenging myself.  Sometimes I can spend several hours in my craft and it feels like I have only been in there for a few minutes.  
I like to Record our everyday and this too is something that I strongly believe in and, yes, very passionate about.

But most of all I am passionate about life.  I love everything it brings, the good, the bad and the ugly LOL!
And the odd glass of Vodka!!

Love me :-)


2015 Blog-tember challenge - Inspiration/mood board

I found this prompt difficult at first, wasn't sure what my blog was all about (which is why I am doing this challenge, to find direction)...

I have struggled with blogging for quite some time, not sure what I wanted to cover on my blog versus Instagram.  To be completely honest, Instagram is so much easier for me and definitely quicker. Plus I don't have to come up with a whole post. 

But although it sounds confusing, I am missing the writing part. But when I come to writing a post on my blog I never seem to be able to find the right words.  Maybe I am trying to hard, maybe I should just right, not think about it and see where it takes me.  I never have any troubles journaling on a layout, infact I find it very hard to do a layout and not add words.  My problem is that I usually have too many words and not enough space on my layout.  I need to translate that to my blog and write, write,write.

I love sharing my creative journey and that is the reason for my blog.  I want to be able to give people the confidence to try something, challenge themselves and have some fun.  I am constantly inspired by lots of different creative people and I am so thankful that they share their knowledge and journey with us.  I want to do the same.

It may only be day three, but already this challenge has started answering some questions for me.

Love me :-)


2015 Blog-tember Challenge - My Ideal Day

My Ideal Day would go something like this...

It would start with great coffee served by a very handsome young man (eye candy only of course)
My house would be clean because my family would have picked up after themselves and did a little extra because they could.
The meals for the week would have been planned ahead so I didn't need to spend time figuring out what on earth to serve for dinner tonight so that everyone would be happy.
I wouldn't be working - we would have enough money so no need to.
I would be going to the gym because I would have plenty of time to do that (not working, house is clean and meals already planned).
I would have all day to craft and make pretty stuff.
I would catch up with friends for coffee and lunch.
My family would return home at the end of the day and ask how my day was.
We would all sit around the dinner table together and have an enjoyable meal together without the complaining about what was for dinner or that "she hit me, well he hit me first" conversation.
I would retire for the night knowing that all is well with the universe and peace is enjoyed by everyone.

My days may not be perfect or ideal,
but I am grateful for everyday that I get to live.

Love me :-)

PS  but if we could just do something about the cooking/cleaning/working thing I would appreciate it LOL!


2015 Blog-tember Challenge - Let me Introduce myself

You can find out more about this fun challenge over at Love Brave Blog

If you are playing along please let me know in the comments so I can come over and say hi.
Love me :-)

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