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Sometimes life goes along, buzzing, moving ahead, going somewhere, although you are not that worried. You think you have things mapped out, what direction you are going in and then there is a shift, a change and one that you have no control over.  Its not a huge devastating change but one that puts you in a different direction.   One you hadn't really thought about before.

I have been on the Kellie Stamp Creative Team for several months now and can honestly say that its been such an amazing and fun ride.  I have loved the challenge of finding a way to use the stamps and hopefully inspired a few to give stamping a go.

Then I got the email to say that things were changing. Kellie Stamps was going digital.  DIGITAL!! what no stamps.  I was sad, I'll be honest here.  (you can read about why Kellie went digital here) And then I thought digital, I don't really do digital.  But I love the designs and I loved working with such a great team of ladies.

Change is not an easy thing for anyone and change is something I can do, but  sometimes I like things to stay just as they are.  But this was changing so I just had to "suck it up" and either move with the change or not. So glad I decided to "move with the change".

Going digital has given me a great opportunity to try something different.  Stretch my creative skills and learn some new ones.  If you follow me on Instagram you will know already that I am having the best time playing with these new digital files.  I am loving the challenge and I am loving where it is taking me.
I wanted to share some of my first creations using the new "kiddo" digital kit from Kellie Stamps.

this project life journal card is one of my absolute favourites.

sometimes change is knocking on your door and sometimes its just worth opening the door to see where it takes you.

Happy creating
love me :-)

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  1. These look very versatile - yes, embracing change is usually more energising than the alternative. Looking forward to seeing What Tracey Did Next :).


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