2015 Blog-tember Challenge - My Playlist...

Ok... first up I need to be completely honest.  I don't really listen to music on my iPhone.  When I am in the car I always have the stereo on and in the morning I have it up real loud so I can sing all the way to work.  It kinda wakes me up, that and coffee. I do however, listen to music on my iPhone when I go for my power walks.  I only have about 10 songs on my "powerwalk" playlist (I only just scraped in to do this post) and I just keep playing them over and over again while I walk.  

These are the songs that I hit the pavement to, they keep me pumped and keep me walking at a fierce pace.  Each of these songs makes me happy and give me a burst of energy.  My only problem though is I tend to want to break out into a dance while I am listening to them.  I have been know to be walking and all of a sudden throw in a side step or two and wave my hands in the air. 

I love that music has the power to transform you into a different place, feeling or mood.

love me :-)


  1. I am the same way Tracey! Don't really listen to music thru my phone in the car, but I too, have a walking playlist to get me going!. Some of the same songs you have are on my list too! And the dancing, yay, I would love to see that!

  2. I don't think i know any of these songs off to look them up - Thanks Tracey

  3. Glad I'm not the only one who does a few hidden but-not-so-hidden dance moves when they're power walking ;)

  4. That's a great looking page! Most of these aren't familiar to me, so that's some nice new things to get to know. I dance every morning to music :).


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