Smoothie life...

As I continue to enjoy my smoothie lifestyle I have also continued to enjoy different ways to document this journey.  I am surprised that after 6 weeks I am still enjoying a smoothie everyday and feeling better for it.  

The latest release from Kellie Stamps - digital "Good food" and "like a girl" gave me the inspiration I needed to create this fun page in my February 2017 travellers notebook.  Both these sets are also available in clear.

I used my silhouette cameo and the sketch pen to draw seven mason jars and to cut them out.  I then used watercolours to add the colour to each jar to match the smoothie that I had on that day.  I had some red/white striped pattern paper from Felicity Jane that was perfect to make the straws.  I then added strips of cardstock that I added the day of the week and what smoothie I had.  I finished off my page with a tag to add some extra details.

I think I might have to do this again, I just love those stickin cute masor jars.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you all have a wonderful week.

Love me :-)


Memories of Venice...

Photos have such an amazing way to transport us back into a time that we had completely forgotton about.  Photos to me are everything because I love the feelings that they create when you look at them, especially old ones.

A few days ago I was doing a very long overdue clean up of my craft desk, filing things away, sorting stuff out etc etc.  When I picked up a stack of photos that I needed to sort through this one fell out onto my desk.  I was immediately transported back Venice.  I could remember every detail of this photo.  It felt just like yesterday.

It was so important to add journaling to this layout because it was more than just the photo that I wanted to record.  I wanted to record the story of how this particular moment came to be.

I also love that in this world that we live in, I could scan an old photo that had seen better days, be able to save it as a digital copy so that it would be saved forever and it allowed me to create a digital layout.

Man I love this craft of ours.

going back to think of Venice
Love me :-)

(digital products used - Is it Friday yet? scrapbook kit by Paislee Press)


Headspace - learning to meditate...

Recently while on IG a post came up about Headspace, an app for guided meditating.  I had seen this come up before but just swiped passed it.  When it came up again, I stopped, and thought about why this keeps coming up in my feed.  I am a great believer in that things happen for a reason,  so maybe I was supposed to check this app out.  

I headed over to check out the app and really liked what I was reading.  I even read the reviews (which is not me, I don't really like reviews as I believe them to be a personal account and what I like someone else may no and vice versa) and most of them seemed positive.  So I check it out further and decided to take up the free "take 10" challenge.  The idea is to do a short 10 minute guided meditation every day for 10 days.  This is to give you a sample of what the app is like and also to see if it is something you like before subscribing (yes, there is always a subscription LOL!).

This year my OLW or mantra as I like to call it is "365 new day, 365 new chances".  I wanted to have something to keep me focused for a whole year, something to encourage me to live life in a mindful and positive way.  I am always looking for new things to try, new things to experience and new things to make me appreciate this life.  I thought that learning (or re-learning) how to meditate might help me to achieve this.  I also wanted to document this new experience in my "April 2017" travellers notebook.

I took the theme from the app (the orange circle) as my design element.  I took some of the words from the app and added them to first page.  My thought then was to create a page with 10 orange circles on it and each day when I completed the 10 minute meditation I would tick it off by adding a day of the week tag.  The days of the week are digital stamps from Kellie Stamps called "today was".  I also wanted to add some information from the app about meditating but didn't have any more room left.  I decided to print the information onto vellum and attached it to my notebook with washi tape.

I am up to day four and still going strong.  I am meditating at night, just before going to bed and I must say it is helping me go to sleep straight away.  My initial thoughts is that I love it so far.  I like calming myself right down before going to bed.  The speaker on the app has the most wonderful tone and speaking voice, very soothing.  Lets see what the rest of the week brings.

love me :-)


Hello April...

Hello April

Hello April! where the hell did March go?
Hello to my gym opening and to me going regularly
Hello to saying goodbye to March.... it was a tough month and glad that it's left
Hello to moving forward
Hello to finding the courage to say goodbye to a loved one and knowing that he is now in a better place and free from pain RIP!
Hello to school holidays - woohoo! yep I'm excited
Hello to trying out some new food places
Hello to getting back into my craft room
Hello to my new addiction - Green Smoothies
Hello to slowing down and catching my breath
Hello to embracing "kitten duty"
Hello to my savings account growing slowly, but surely
Hello Easter and my favourite thing ever - Hot Cross Buns (binge eating here we come)
Hello to getting away down south 
Hello to Family arriving from Holland
Hello to welcoming back "normal"
Hello to changing my mind about how I want to document PL 
Hello to doing PL!
Hello to Alex hand raising kittens and watching her growth as a vet nurse
Hello to reading - finding the time
Hello to a clean craft room - Ok so this may be a little out of reach but one can dream.
Hello to football season and embracing losses (I think there are going to be alot)
Hello relaxation
Hello to anything positive
Hello April - bring it on!

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