March - Travellers notebook

It's a new month which means a new Travellers Notebook.  I love that I have a place to document and record all that motivates me, and those things that I struggle with.  Last month was a particularly hard month and documenting took a back seat.  But, I sometimes wonder that part of the reason thaty last month was so hard was because I stopped documenting.

I stopped writing down things that were happening.  I will admit that it was pretty hectic here, probably the main reason for no documenting but when I write things down its a way to debrief my brain.  It's a way to get things out of my head to free up space for other things.  I am going to make more effort this month to get things out of my head and onto paper.

Plus its always fun to play in a new notebook...

I loved the colours and papers from the new "High Five" kit from Paislee Press and added my favourite "monthly cards" from Kellie Stamps to my quotes page.

Hope you have had a good weekend.
Love me :-)


Documenting camp according to coffee...

Recently I was lucky enough to attend the Year 6 camp to Bridgetown.  This is my fourth year in a row attending camp and I am so happy that I get to keep going.  I love camp so much!  It is, however, extremely exhausting... in a good way though. 

I thought it would be fun to document this years camp according to coffee (you all know how much I love coffee).  I will add though, we would have drank way more coffee if time permitted.  I guess it's probably a good thing we didn't have time otherwise we may have needed a coffee detox program when we got back.

Thanks for stopping by.
Love me :-)


Hello March...

Hello March

Hello to a happier month
hello to recovering from school camp (loved it but so exhausted)
hello to staying positive through a difficult family situation going on at the moment
hello to staying positive... period!
hello long weekend
hello to finding time to read
hello to trying to get back into the habit of gratitude
hello to a new football season (go Dockers)
hello to starting at the gym... hopefully
hello to getting back into the habit of finding calm
hello to savings in the bank - woohoo!
hello to seeing my niece perform in her play
hello to seeing "the Elvis Show"
hello to crafting - need to do more of this and less stressing over family stuff
hello sleep
hello to making an effort to socialise with work friends
hello to cooking - yup! more effort than last month I hope
hello to relaxing baths - stopped doing this last month
hello to keeping stress down - LOL!
hello to my essentials oils - yep, let this go last month too
hello to being more organised - this so did not happen in February
hello to driving Josh around to all his sporting activities
hello to positive vibes
hello to celebrating my Mum's birthday
hello to trying out a new breakfast place
hello to a movie date
hello to watching Alex embrace her new career
hello March - I'm so doing this!

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