Documenting camp according to coffee...

Recently I was lucky enough to attend the Year 6 camp to Bridgetown.  This is my fourth year in a row attending camp and I am so happy that I get to keep going.  I love camp so much!  It is, however, extremely exhausting... in a good way though. 

I thought it would be fun to document this years camp according to coffee (you all know how much I love coffee).  I will add though, we would have drank way more coffee if time permitted.  I guess it's probably a good thing we didn't have time otherwise we may have needed a coffee detox program when we got back.

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  1. I always love your work, but this is one of the very best layouts I've seen anywhere in a while :). I'm bowled over by how many stories and photos you display here, and the cleverness of your theme.


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