Enjoy every moment...

I am so excited to share this layout with you using new digital stamps from Kellie Stamps new release.  I used the "enjoy every moment" from the "Good Times" set to create my title.  One of the things I love most about digital stamps is that you can make them into just about anything and do just about anything with them.  For this layout I wanted to create a BIG title and I wanted to add some stitching.  

To create my title I enlarged my words to the size that I wanted and then printed it onto an A4 sheet of copy paper.  I placed the copy paper on top of my white cardstock and used this as my guide to add my holes for my stitching.  By placing the paper on top of my cardstock, it meant that when I punched the holes through the copy paper it went straight through the cardstock as well.  To make it easier to keep your copy paper in place just add some washi tape along the sides until you are finished.  Washi tape is great to hold things in place so they don't move around.

I also have a favourite piece of pattern paper from Felicity Jane that I was going to use.  I wanted to cut out some flowers to add to my layout but it just didn't look right.  So I placed the pattern paper under my white cardstock and traced some of the flowers on to the cardstock.  It makes it look like I hand drew them.

I then added my stitching using white embroidery floss.

I printed the "moment" word onto pattern paper and then cut out each letter to complete my title.

To complete my layout I printed off a few more words from the new release onto pattern paper.  Added some ink splats, some journaling and then my photo.

There are so many different elements to this layout and I love all the different textures.  All of the elements on this layout are not hard to do.  The stitching may have been a bit time consuming but so worth the effort.

Check out the new release of Kellie Stamps digital and clear stamps here.

Enjoy your week and happy crafting.
Love me :-)


Oh Happy Day - KS release #1

I am a lover of magazines.  I like to hold them, thumb through the pages.  It's not even that I particularly read the words, but it's the images that get me.  If the image grabs me then I will read the piece that goes with it.  And a good example of this is an article I came across on how to make an origami bow.  But it turned out to be so much more than a bit of crafting.

I used the journaling from my Travellers Notebook - 

I bought myself a new magazine today called "Breathe - and making time for yourself"

I picked it up because I liked the look of the cover, but then as I started thumbing through, I realised that this is the perfect magazine for me, right now!
I am taking extra care this year to, be, quiet, calm and allow myself time...
what ever time is needed for what ever is needed - 

like taking time to learn how to make this origami bow.  It wasn't easy but slowing myself down to read, try, read again and to keep working through the instructions was some how therapeutic, relaxing and calming.  When I got to this amazing end result, I smiled to myself.  Even though the instructions were somewhat complex and I had to redo several of the steps I noticed that I had a real sense of calmness.

I also realised just how much we need to block out the blur of each day and find a few moments to centre ourselves.

I used "Oh Happy Day" image from the new "Good Times" digital stamp set from Kellie Stamps available now.

How do you block out the blur...

Love me :-)


Let's Eat...

If you follow me you will know that I am a huge "foodie".  Love going out to eat, love photographing my food and I love searching for new places to eat.

Last Sunday my Husband and I went out for breakfast to celebrate my birthday.  We went to Brooklyn Lounge in Claremont and we were not disappointed.  I have been following this place on Instagram for some time and was so happy to be finally going to check it out.  

I had the pulled pork with poached eggs and chipotle hollandaise on ciabiatta bread - OMG it was divine.  I just wanted to keep eating and eating.  

I used "flight plan 24" template and the "Nosh" digital papers and elements to create my layout from One Little Bird Designs available at The Lily Pad.

If you are a foodie I would love to know how you document your food adventures.

Love me :-)


Project life week 5...

Super, super excited to be a guest creative team member for One Little Bird for the month of February.  I was so excited to be offered this spot and in my birthday month too!

So far my journey into digital project life is going well.  I am loving the fact that it's so easy to put together a weekly spread.  

For my week 5 pages I have used "all things considered" digital kit and journal cards from One Little Bird.  I loved the soft subtle colours and the hint of florals.  I am not really a floral kind of girl but these are just too cute and I love the little bit of quirkiness about them.

I also used "weekly edition" journal cards and "shutterbug" elements, also from One Little Bird.

Thanks for stopping by.
Love me :-)


Birthday cards...

I have been making cards for many, many years.  I love making cards and my friends and family love receiving them.  However, even after all these years I still struggle with male cards.  Most of my "stash" is, well, girly and so finding something is quite tricky.  If I happen to have something that would suit a male card its usually very dark and very brown - neither of these things are even close to my style of creating. 

This past week my daughter has been waiting for me to make a birthday card for a very good friend of hers (male friend) who was turning 19.  I kept putting it off because I just couldn't find anything to make a card that I felt comfortable putting my name too.  But then Liz from Paislee Press sent us a new kit to play with and it just so happen to be a birthday kit.  The "Oh Happy Day" digital kit is so so good.  Its bright, clean, fresh and stylish... and perfect for any gender.  I could have kept making cards all day, I love the kit that much.

Within 20 minutes I had made a card for my daughter to give to her friend and a card for my niece. 

I think I might go and make some more cards for no other reason than I love this kit... and I am totally addicted to banners!

Have a great week.
Love me :-)


Hello February...

Hello February
Hello to turning 52 - really!
Hello to school going back.
Hello to continuing working on my OLW - mantra
Hello to a new Travellers notebook for February
Hello to going on school camp - love going on camp
Hello to working with a new teacher
Hello to doctors appointments and getting the all clear (skin check)
Hello to exercise
Hello to starting my gym membership - yep I finally did it and joined!
Hello to 21/90 - it takes 21 days to create a habit / it takes 90 days to create a lifesyle
Hello to sticking to my budget - well trying at least!
Hello to being a guest Creative Team Member for OLB - so excited
Hello to more decluttering
Hello to more blog posts
Hello to cooking - kinda missed this in January so making a big effort this month
Hello to more reading - I have started off the year well and I want to keep it up.
Hello to "unplug" days and weekends.
Hello to embracing my age - ???
Hello to keeping my stress levels down
Hello to using my essentials oils more - they made a difference last month in a positive way
Hello to more relaxing baths during the week
Hello to watching my savings grow - slowly but surely
Hello February - Let's do this!

Have a great month
Love me :-)

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