Hello February...

Hello February
Hello to turning 52 - really!
Hello to school going back.
Hello to continuing working on my OLW - mantra
Hello to a new Travellers notebook for February
Hello to going on school camp - love going on camp
Hello to working with a new teacher
Hello to doctors appointments and getting the all clear (skin check)
Hello to exercise
Hello to starting my gym membership - yep I finally did it and joined!
Hello to 21/90 - it takes 21 days to create a habit / it takes 90 days to create a lifesyle
Hello to sticking to my budget - well trying at least!
Hello to being a guest Creative Team Member for OLB - so excited
Hello to more decluttering
Hello to more blog posts
Hello to cooking - kinda missed this in January so making a big effort this month
Hello to more reading - I have started off the year well and I want to keep it up.
Hello to "unplug" days and weekends.
Hello to embracing my age - ???
Hello to keeping my stress levels down
Hello to using my essentials oils more - they made a difference last month in a positive way
Hello to more relaxing baths during the week
Hello to watching my savings grow - slowly but surely
Hello February - Let's do this!

Have a great month
Love me :-)


  1. Many congratulations on your birthday :). And what a lovely positive list of hellos. How did you enjoy filling your Traveller's Notebok for January? I was wondering if you hand-write in it, or type onto paper/card and then stick that in ...

  2. Happy birthday. Love your list of hellos. I had seen the 21/90 on a some other posts and had no idea what it meant now I do. Hope February is a wonderful month for you.


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