Kellie stamps - January release #4...

Do you ever get a stamp set and think, I love it but I just don't know what to do with it.  Or what about all those stamps you already have, same thing, you love them but don't know what to do with them.  

I thought I would share a little tip that I often use if I am not sure what or how to use a stamp set.  Although I came up with a million ways to use the "looks like summer" stamp set by Kellie Stamps I thought I would pick this set to show one of my favourite ways to use my stamps - use your stamps as journaling prompts!  

For my "Summer To Do" layout I used the stamps as a "to do" prompt.  I wanted to make a list of all the things that we could do this summer, but with a twist.  I created several squares, attached them to a sheet of white cardstock, these will become the mat for each of my photos.  I then stamped several images onto tabs, die cuts and strips of pattern paper then stitched them to my little squares.  By stitching them into place it meant that when we did an item off the list, all I had to do what print off the photo and slide it in under the prompt.  By doing it this way it meant that I could complete the layout then all I had to do was add the photos which was like ticking things off a to do list.

This layout is a "layout in progress".  We have probably done about 2/3 of the prompts so when all the photos are on I will share my completed layout.

This has been such a fun way to document our summer and its also giving us the encouragement to get out there and do some fun.

I also wanted to share another tip:-

Just because a stamp looks a certain way doesn't mean you have to use it that way.  The title of my layout includes the stamped word "summer" which I stamped in one line however the original stamp comes as a two lined image (as shown below).

In one of the photos above you will see the image "summer sunset", again I have stamped it as a one line image, however the original image is a two lined image.

You can just ink part of a stamp using markers or just the edge of your ink pad.

You may have an image that is quite long and narrow, attach your stamp by bending it into a curved line when attaching it to your stamping block.

I have also been known to cut stamps up.

I hope some of these ideas give you some encouragement to get your stamps out and have some fun.

Happy Stamping.
love me  :-)

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  1. I absolutely love this idea for using stamps and can already think of a bunch of themes that would work for my stories. I also love the squares/grid- it's such a simple design that seems to always look good, and i forget to use it. I love the idea of sewing on the tabs etc., but recently I keep finding when I go to sew on paper, the back ends up a big mess of bunched up thread. I am not a sewer normally, so just wondering if this is something you have experienced, or if I am doing something wrong. Thank you for the inspo!


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