January Twenty Seventeen TN...

If you have been following along, you will know that I am not doing OLW this year in the traditional sense.  Instead, I have a mantra "365 new days, 365 new chances".  With this in mind I have created "my fabulous year" which is a sort of concept, a challenge for my self if you like.  I am challenging myself to live "my fabulous year", but to do so I need to think differently, act differently and be different more than I have before.  

I needed a place to document my year long journey of living more mindfully.  It needed to be a place where I could set goals, keep things that speak to me, write, show gratitude, evaluate, review and repeat.  I decided to make my own Travellers notebooks, a new one every month.

Since starting this journey I can honestly say that a few things have happened that I never thought would.  Some of these things I am not quite ready to share yet as they are very personal and not really like me, but I have to say I am liking the direction that I am heading in.  I a not sure if it's because of the travellers notebook or whether it's just because I am living life more mindfully,  Either way I am embracing this direction.

For my first page I printed "twenty seventeen" plus "365 new days, 365 new chances onto vellum.  Loved how it came out.

To make my cover and first page I used digital elements and papers from Paislee Press by Liz Tamanaha..  Right now you can get the "twenty seventeen" (as seen above) word art and cards at 20% off but if you are a press lister you can purchase it for free (check  your emails for the discount code).

"365 new days, 365 new chances" digital image from Kellie stamps.

Later in the week I will share more of my Travellers notebook.

How are you documenting your OLW this year?

Love me :-)

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  1. What a superb start! I'm using Traveller's Notebooks this year too, and am looking forward to seeing how they shape up (and I shape up!). I'll be popping in regularly :).


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