Oh Happy Day - KS release #1

I am a lover of magazines.  I like to hold them, thumb through the pages.  It's not even that I particularly read the words, but it's the images that get me.  If the image grabs me then I will read the piece that goes with it.  And a good example of this is an article I came across on how to make an origami bow.  But it turned out to be so much more than a bit of crafting.

I used the journaling from my Travellers Notebook - 

I bought myself a new magazine today called "Breathe - and making time for yourself"

I picked it up because I liked the look of the cover, but then as I started thumbing through, I realised that this is the perfect magazine for me, right now!
I am taking extra care this year to, be, quiet, calm and allow myself time...
what ever time is needed for what ever is needed - 

like taking time to learn how to make this origami bow.  It wasn't easy but slowing myself down to read, try, read again and to keep working through the instructions was some how therapeutic, relaxing and calming.  When I got to this amazing end result, I smiled to myself.  Even though the instructions were somewhat complex and I had to redo several of the steps I noticed that I had a real sense of calmness.

I also realised just how much we need to block out the blur of each day and find a few moments to centre ourselves.

I used "Oh Happy Day" image from the new "Good Times" digital stamp set from Kellie Stamps available now.

How do you block out the blur...

Love me :-)

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