Hello April...

Hello April

Hello April! where the hell did March go?
Hello to my gym opening and to me going regularly
Hello to saying goodbye to March.... it was a tough month and glad that it's left
Hello to moving forward
Hello to finding the courage to say goodbye to a loved one and knowing that he is now in a better place and free from pain RIP!
Hello to school holidays - woohoo! yep I'm excited
Hello to trying out some new food places
Hello to getting back into my craft room
Hello to my new addiction - Green Smoothies
Hello to slowing down and catching my breath
Hello to embracing "kitten duty"
Hello to my savings account growing slowly, but surely
Hello Easter and my favourite thing ever - Hot Cross Buns (binge eating here we come)
Hello to getting away down south 
Hello to Family arriving from Holland
Hello to welcoming back "normal"
Hello to changing my mind about how I want to document PL 
Hello to doing PL!
Hello to Alex hand raising kittens and watching her growth as a vet nurse
Hello to reading - finding the time
Hello to a clean craft room - Ok so this may be a little out of reach but one can dream.
Hello to football season and embracing losses (I think there are going to be alot)
Hello relaxation
Hello to anything positive
Hello April - bring it on!

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  1. Hello! And I'm a little late, but enjoying your upbeat April post. You sound full of energy and determination (and thinking of you with the losses to cope with as well). I am, of course, all agog to hear what you might decide to do with PL ... Please keep us posted!


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