all I care about is coffee...

its no secret that I love coffee.  Actually its more than love is more like an obsession.
It's funny though if I think back, I didn't like coffee at all.  I loved the smell of coffee but not the taste.  But I had never had real coffee, only instant coffee (which is no wonder why I didn't like coffee - I still hate instant).  One christmas day my Uncle made an espresso coffee and I couldnt' stop raving about how glorious the smell was. He asked if I wanted a cup.  I laughed at first, but then thought, why not.
... and so begun my addition to coffee.

 I recently ordered some flair buttons from Feed Your Craft and what better way to use them but to do a layout about coffee.  We have an Nespresso Coffee Machine (affectionately called George) and when I need to go and buy new pods you get to have a free coffee.  Its one of the many things I love about my "George" and this layout is all about documenting that little story.

My title was inspired by a wood mount stamp from Kellie Stamps and the cute coffee flair button.

What little story have you documented lately??

love me :-)


  1. This is very clever! I love the pops of color and black/white base!

  2. Hah! I worried because you were absent....then you left a comment that went in to my Spam (how rude WP, she's totally *not* Spam-worthy!), then I was ill all last week so didn't see it....and have not had a moment until now to stop at your blog....but so glad I have done so now....what a fabulous LO!!!! So lovely!

  3. It's very stylish - I love the white lettering. I love the smell of coffee even more than the taste :).

  4. Oh i think this is my new favourite. Love it !!


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