2015 Blog-tember challenge - favourite season

I am back, playing along with Blog-tember challenge over at Brave Love Blog.  Missed the last few prompts but hoping to get back into again.

My favourite season... definately Winter.
I love it!
You would think living in Western Australia that I would love Summer (summer goes for like ever here lol) but it just gets too hot here.  Winter however, is just perfect for me.
We don't really get that cold here, okay we have the odd days that get cold but really its pretty good.  We even have sunshine most days in winter so who could  complain about that.

I love winter because...
I can wear my favourite jeans like all the time
I can snuggle on the couch with a blanket, coffee and a mag - bliss
I get to wear fluffy socks
I can live in my Ugg boots nearly 24/7
I get to wear fleecy pj's to bed (love these)
I sleep much better in winter
Love having the heater on
I go outside way more in Winter (odd isn't it)
I love being warm and cosy inside while its stormy outside
the smell of rain (total love)
it makes me happy

... and I get to wear scarves everyday.  Oh Yeah!

Whats your favourite season.
Love me :-)


  1. I've enjoyed this - getting to know more about you ... and fascinating that you spend more time outside in winter. Though I have to say that your winter sounds more like our summer :). Me? I love autumn. I am always happy in autumn ...

  2. Snap.....Winter for me too (Perth Winters that is!).

  3. Nope Autumn for me. Our seasons over here in Victoria are to extreme. I have 2 friends who have just moved to town in the last 6 months from WA they are not coping to well at all.

  4. Winter clothing is way more awesome than summer clothing, boots and scarves and layers.


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