2015 Blog-tember Challenge - My Ideal Day

My Ideal Day would go something like this...

It would start with great coffee served by a very handsome young man (eye candy only of course)
My house would be clean because my family would have picked up after themselves and did a little extra because they could.
The meals for the week would have been planned ahead so I didn't need to spend time figuring out what on earth to serve for dinner tonight so that everyone would be happy.
I wouldn't be working - we would have enough money so no need to.
I would be going to the gym because I would have plenty of time to do that (not working, house is clean and meals already planned).
I would have all day to craft and make pretty stuff.
I would catch up with friends for coffee and lunch.
My family would return home at the end of the day and ask how my day was.
We would all sit around the dinner table together and have an enjoyable meal together without the complaining about what was for dinner or that "she hit me, well he hit me first" conversation.
I would retire for the night knowing that all is well with the universe and peace is enjoyed by everyone.

My days may not be perfect or ideal,
but I am grateful for everyday that I get to live.

Love me :-)

PS  but if we could just do something about the cooking/cleaning/working thing I would appreciate it LOL!


  1. Sounds like a great day! A day that starts with good coffee can't be too bad anyway :)

  2. Visiting from Blogtember! I'd love to have a whole day to craft and create!

  3. Yes!! Having someone cook/clean for me would make any day 100% better!

  4. Am a great believer in the power of a good 'piece' of eye candy! Had to laugh at your meal planning and being able to go to the gym! (If only!!!!)....(and the 'she hit me, he hit me' conversations...!)...[Your line about being grateful for being able to get to live made me cry...]....loved your post! Thank you!

  5. Yep coffee is a must and a cleaning/cooking fairy would always be welcome!

  6. What an excellent day!!! I relate on so many levels...


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