Advent calendar...

New digital stamps from Kellie Stamps are available today and I am so excited to show you what I created using the "December Circles" digital stamps.

There is a little story behind this Advent Calendar... If you have been following me you know that I love Christmas and I love Advent Calendars and I love making new ones every year.
A few weeks back I was talking to one of the Teachers that I work with about Christmas, putting up the tree, and advent calendars.  She told me that putting up the tree etc wasn't fun when she was younger and she has never had an advent calendar.
I decided that I would make her an advent calendar and as she loves quotes I chose to make matchbook style cards with my favourite quotes in them.
... and this was the end result.

This was such a fun project as I knew the person it was going to would be so happy to receive it.

I gave it to her on the 1st of December and she told me yesterday that she opens one every day and reads it out to her class.  And if she forgets the children remind her.

Happy Saturday
love me :-)


  1. I love it! The idea, the gesture and how personal you made it! It's brilliant!

  2. This is gorgeous, Tracey, but even more beautiful is what you put inside! Just love it!

  3. This is truly amazing and so beautiful! What a lucky teacher!


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