Embracing the grey...

It's been awhile since I have done any documenting in my "side trip" adventure with breast cancer album so I thought it was about time.  And, this story is one that I have wanted to tell for some time.
When you lose your hair from chemo it's devastating I can tell you.  You know it's going to happen but I don't thing you can ever really be truly prepared for it.  Right from the beginning though I was told that when it grows back it will probably come back grey and curly.  Well curly part is no where to be seen but the grey has certainly come in thick and fast.  Some days I don't mind the grey but other days not so much.  Everyone says that it really suits me, both the short hair and the grey.  As I said, still not sure how I feel about it although I love the simplicity of it.  Just wash and towel dry. Bam! hair done.  What's not to love about that.
It's probably not a hair style that I would choose for myself but sometimes life doesn't always give you what you would choose.  So I am making the most of it and embracing the grey.

When Paislee Press released the "messy beautiful" digital kit I couldn't believe it when I saw the "this hair" element.  It was perfect for my story and it reminded me it was time to tell the story.

What are you embracing lately?

Love me :-)


  1. Such an uplifting page! And yes, the grey is soft and elegant and - as you point out - short hair is so much easier to look after :). Admiring your a ability to embrace what is. As always, I love your design.

  2. PS Still in the throes of bereavement here, so I am embracing the right to go at my own pace in everything :).


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