Adventure - eating my way through the day...

Last week I was supposed to have my 4th Chemo session but unfortunately they had to cancel it because one of my blood tests came back too high.  I can't even begin to tell you how disappointed I was.  You get yourself ready for these sessions and when they don't happen it's such a let down.  It also puts everything back, everything has to be pushed back.  Ok, so it's only got to be pushed back a week but a week is a week when you are undergoing treatment for cancer, every day matters.

My dear friend Linda came with me to be my support buddy so I was also upset that she had to take a day off work for no reason.  But in true Linda style (she keeps me positive) she suggested that we go out for a coffee.  It was nice of her to try and cheer me up so I couldn't say no.  We headed off to our new favourite cafe "Panda & Co".  We ordered coffee but then decided that we should order a light snack.  
We ended up spending the rest of the day driving around Perth and eating.  It was the perfect way to spend the day.

I chose the document the day using the new Travelogue templates from Paislee Press which are becoming my absolute favourite of all time.  Documenting in my travelers notebook is such an easy way to document this tough time in my life and doing it digitally makes it even easier.

You can find the templates here.

Happy documenting
Love me :-)

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  1. I've admired this on your blog - and so disappointing when important things are cancelled :(. Can I just ask about the photos? Are you printing the entire page into paper, or are you printing the photos separately? I can't quite see ... If the former, is there a paper you recommend? Thank-you! And wishing you well, very soon :).


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