Today's details - a trip to emergency...

One never wants to go to the emergency department, especially if it's heart related.
Back in June I was driving to work, all seemed normal and it was turning out to be just a normal day.  However, I was about half way to work when I got a sharp pain in the centre of my chest (right between my breasts).  At first I didn't think anything of if but it kept getting worse.  It would go away for a second or two but then it came back, worse each time.  I won't lie, I started to panic and considered pulling over but then it stopped as quick as it started.

By the time I got to work  everything was fine and I did not have any pain at all.  But I was nervous about it all so I decided to ring the hospital to make sure.  They asked me a few questions and then said that I needed to come in.  I then spent the next 5 hours in the emergency department getting a complete and thorough check of my heart.  Thankfully all seemed ok and they are pretty sure that it was just pain associated with the chemo.

I used the "details" digital story kit from Ali Edwards to document this story in my travellers notebook.  I completed the whole layout in photoshop elements, printed it out then added it to my notebook.  I am still loving the idea of creating a digital page then adding to my notebook.  So quck and so easy.

What details are you recording this month?
Love me :-)

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  1. So sorry to read about this, and admiring your skill and spirit in being able to document it and make a page about it :). I always enjoy looking at the clever way you put things together ...


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