One simple little pleasure...

 A week ago my husband left for a two week holiday to Holland to see family and to celebrate his Uncles 60th birthday.  Most of my friends wondered if I was alright with him going.  And the simple answer is yes.

Don't get me wrong I love my husband and we get on well but when he goes away I get a little excited.  Life has away of going on, not stopping or pausing for anything.  We rush around, to everything on our "To Do" lists or at least try to and at the end of the day we flop on the couch and wonder why we do it.  So when he goes away its like I am getting a little holiday as well.  Things slide down a notch, not so rigid and not so rushed.  Yes there is more take-out meals than normal and yes maybe I get a little slack on the "no electronics" rule but I get to do little things that I normally don't do...

I love reading in bed but it is something I never do.  My husband goes to bed very early night because he gets up very early so reading in bed is out.  On the day he flew out I showered early, got into my pj's and read.  I kept stopping every now and then just to look around, taking it in and simply enjoying this rare little pleasure. I know it may sound silly but this small little thing is such a delight for me.  

I am finding that I am going to bed earlier and earlier every night just so that I can lay there, enjoy the quiet and read, catch up on my online classes, check out instagram, read my new mags, read my favourite blogs and write in my notebooks.  

This one little pleasure... simply magic!

Have a great weekend.
love me :-)


  1. Reading in bed with a coffee is my all time favourite pass time so I kn where you are coming from. Enjoy it whilst you can. Xx

  2. I'm enjoying my reading time in my hotel room alone too. I know where you're coming from. Do enjoy yours Tracey! :)

  3. That sounds just blissful! I hope you enjoy the delights of being home but not feeling alone. Your room looks wonderfully tranquil.


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