The invites are done...

My daughter is in her final year of High School this year and although it comes with lots of study and lots of stress it also comes with lots of fun things.  Her Year 12 Ball is now only weeks away and we are busy getting everything together.  The dress has arrived (we bought it online so there was alot of praying and crossing fingers that it would arrive ok) and it is stunning and hair and makeup are booked.

It is tradition that the ball attendees gather together prior to leaving for the ball to celebrate "Pre's" as they call it.  They gather, drink softdrinks (no alcohol allowed), have photos taken and then wait for their limousine to arrive to whisk them off to the ball.  Last  night I finished off their invites...

I was totally inspired by Stephanie Bryan and her sweet invitations she made using the "Open Book" frames from Maggie Holmes.  I couldn't get any of these frames so I used by cameo to cut out these cute Polaroid frames in chipboard and then I cut them out again in pattern paper.  I decided to do each one different as each of her friends are different and I thought it would be something fun.  I finished each one off with a gold banner (cut from glitter paper from Stampin Up) and a wood veneer letter (from studio calico) representing their first name.  I also wanted to keep the design simple as the invites were going to both males and females. I then attached a piece of white cardstock with basic info typed on the front and the rest of the details on the back, like address etc.

Thanks for stopping by and if you have any questions please ask, I really don't mind.

Love me :-)


  1. Oh my goodness, these are going to be treasured for a long time; and you have put so much effort and skill into these. They look beautiful. Looking forward to photos of your lovely daughter in glam mode :).

    1. Thanks Alexa, you are so kind. Its getting really exciting now as the ball is only 4 weeks away. I will definately be putting lots of photos up

  2. These are beautiful and creative, well done friend!! Such an exciting time of year for our girls. Renee's prom isn't till May and we are looking for a dress hopefully this weekend or next, hope there will be one left. Enjoy this special time with her!


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