#hashtagthisweek - An Interview With...

Playing along with #hashtagthisweek - what a great prompt.  I have been meaning to do this with my kids for the last few months so this was just the push I needed. 
I did this back in 2011 with both my kids using a digital template from Cathy Zielske and I decided that I would use the same template and the same questions as I thought it would be fun to compare.

It turns out Josh still hates chicken snitzel and roast LOL! 

I added both here side by side so you could see the difference.  
I kept the pages simple as I wanted to focus more on the words and story.

This certainly was fun to look back on compare.

Now if I can just get my daughter to answer these questions...

Love me :-)


  1. Tracey, thanks for linking up this week! I really love this format and the simplicity - this is awesome!

  2. Just one of these would be stellar but two to compare is so fascinating! Blue and summer seem to constants too. I so wish I had known about scrapbooking when mine were little. These are going to be wonderful to have in years to come.

  3. How fun to see the differences & similarities! I've been doing something similar for my son's birthdays for the last couple of years. I like the simple, clean style of your interview pages.


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