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Sometimes when you are feeling a little less than happy you need to find something that will lift your spirits and keep you going forward.  A friend told me about a class at Big Picture Classes called "Doodled" by Brandi Kincaid so I went and checked it out.  OMG!!
This would have to be one of the most fun classes I have ever done.
Learning something new is always a great way to lift your spirits and to take your mind off things.

Learning to doodle has certainly taken my mind off things and is putting a smile on my face.  Please don't worry I am not seriously ill or anything, just having lots of headaches so I am currently having tests to see if they can find out why.  But with the headaches I am getting nausea and it was getting me down a bit but doodling has made me forget all about that, at least for a little while.

This week's class is up at Little Paper Projects for "LittlesummerJOY and its all about planning some JOY into your days and documenting it.  I do keep a planner/diary but its where I write stuff, scribble etc and its not one I decorate so I was looking for a way to plan some JOY into my day and this certainly did that.  Although this weeks class is about using planners to plan JOY into your day you don't need to use a planner.  I have doodled a "to do" list as a way of planning and I will be sharing a scrapbook layout soon showing another way to plan JOY into your day.

Sometimes you have to find or look for JOY in your day.
Trying something new and fun certainly gave me some JOY.

JOY to you
love me :-)

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