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One of the things that I have added to my #littlewinterjoy #travelersnotebook is this "to do" list of sorts.  Although I have made a manifesto (which I will be sharing soon) I wanted to have a place where I can make notes and list ideas of things that I want to try, do or see etc.  This compliments my manifesto if you like.

For example, one of the things on my manifesto is to "drink hot chocolate" ( I am a serious coffee drinker so I thought I would try something different).  I saw a post recently on Instagram of a cafe that is serving special hot chocolate's that I thought would be great to try.  So I don't forget, I have added it to this "to do" list under the "try" heading.  

I think it will be fun to have a place to jot things down as the season goes by.  

I used the new "slim jim" clear alpha stamp set from Kellie Stamps which you can pre-order here.  I then hand drew lines to make little boxes to create little sections for each heading.  I have made a pocket at the front of my travelers notebook where I will keep this list and any other fun things that I want to try over the winter season.

Can't wait for this class start!  Remember if you sign up before 30 June you can save $5 dollars using the code save5.  Link in side bar.

I will be back on the 1st July to share what I have done so far in my #littlewinterjoy #travelersnotebook.

Love me :-)

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  1. Love this idea, Tracey! I was looking at my manifesto for this year and I had a lot of the same things as last year. Maybe something like this could help me expand on our summer fun. :)


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