Hello #littlewinterjoy

I am so excited to be apart of this wonderful project again this year and I am so excited to be documenting my favourite season, Winter, in a travelers notebook.  This is my first time using a travelers notebook so I am looking forward to the challenge and looking forward to documenting our story in a different way.

I am using a notebook from Felicity Jane which I love, love, love.  #littlesummerjoy, or in my case #littlewinterjoy is a class my Little Paper Projects and you can get all the details here.  This class has been design with a 64 page travelers notebook in mind, however my notebook has 32 pages so I either need to add more pages or condense how I am gong to document.  There is a guideline for how to set up your notebook here and while I am following this guideline I am also going to be changing it a bit, taking some things out and adding some things in.

For this project to be successful for me, I need to keep it simple and not make it too complicated.  The beauty of this project is that it will suit which ever way you feel is the right way for you.  I love projects that can be adapted and changed depending on each individual person.

Inside the front cover of my notebook I have added a pocket where I will keep my "to do" list and any other bits and pieces that I want to keep on hand.  I have added a 3x8 page protector where I have added a bit of a blurb about this project and why I am joining in.  On the back I have left this blank at the moment.  I will probably add a quote or something later but at the moment I am happy to leave it blank.

As I said earlier, I am excited to get into this project and I can't wait to see what you all do and how you document your summer or winter.

Happy Summer/Winter
love me :-)

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  1. Loving how your notebook looks, Tracey, and I'm excited to see more! You're right, it's a little bit of a challenge, so like you, I'm keeping things simple. :)


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