#littlewinterjoy - Get into your story

At first I thought this prompt was going to be hard. Although I love journaling, sometimes time and perfection don't let me tell the whole story.

Last night I sat down to check out the classroom and to try and get some motivation to tackle this next prompt.  This is probably my favourite lesson yet.  The prompt details from Marie and the video's from Julie were so inspirational it really got me thinking and writing.  We all have stories, good, bad, happy and sad and if you are anything like me, you always tell yourself you are going to write that story down but it just never seems to happen.  Time is usually my first reason and then it's, as soon as I print that photo and so the excuses go on.

What I liked about this prompt was that it was all about the words, the story, just getting it down and not worrying too much about the photos, embellishments etc.  I also like the photo tips for this prompt, it made you tell the story first then worry about the photo later.

I had several stories from this weekend but no photos.  But after reading the class content I realised that I don't need a photo or that I can use another photo to tell the same story.  My first story was about my sons basketball game and his new shoes.  I didn't get a photo of the game or the shoes but I did have a photo of the shoes from several days before, which my son took just after getting them.  

The second story is about my difficulty is trying to choose a new case for my iphone and how my son helped me to choose which colour.  This story in particular, I know is a story that I would never have told if it wasn't for this prompt.  It's one of those little stories that I would have forgotton the details to and the story would have been lost.

I also realised that I could add some doodling.  Both of the stories that I have written so far were very text heavy and it was nice to break it up with a simple hand drawn picture.  I actually love that these doodles have the same effect as if I had photos.

I loved Julie's idea about creating a lift out page so much that I decided to copy it.  It also has allowed me to add an extra page into my notebook giving me more room to tell more stories.

I am loving this project so much and if you would still like to join it's not too late.

All the details can be found here at Little Paper Projects.

Love me :-)

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  1. Love seeing your doodles added into your stories, Tracey!


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