Little Winter Joy - Day in the life...

To say that I am enjoying this little project so much is a huge understatement.  Every prompt has been thought provoking and challenging.  Every prompt has made me stop and look around and be so thankful for this amazing life that I have.

Week 4's prompt "a day in the life" did just that.  It made me stop, think and be thankful.  I have done a Week/day in the life many times but this is the first time that I really thought about each moment of the day as it passed.
To be completely honest I was not really into the prompt when I first saw it, mainly because of the time that I was going to need to document it.  I needed a way to get into the prompt, in a way that would work for me and one that I would enjoy doing.  I decided that I would simplify the documenting, really simplify it.  Recording the reality of our day, just as it unfolded.  The only way I felt I could do this was to "doodle" it, a technique that I learnt from Brandi and her Big Picture Classes "Doodled" (which I thoroughly recommend by the way).

With only my pen, roller stamp by Ali Edwards, stamp pad, pretty paper from Felicity Jane and free printables from the #littlewinterjoy class I recorded our day and it went a little like this...

I could not be more happy with how this turned out.  It really does show exactly what our day was like and I absolutely love it.

Love me :-)

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  1. Seriously awesome, Tracey, I'm speechless over here! :)


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