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So... I wasn't going to take on any new projects, none at all.  I mean I have a pile of DT projects to get done and don't even get me started on Project Life.  I have so many "started" projects to finish yet what do I find myself doing today, starting another one.

I'm not sure how it happened really, I mean I saw all the buzz on Instagram but convinced myself that I did not need to get involved.  Then I thought, maybe I will just play along with the photo prompts, but that's it.  Then before I knew it I was in my craft room making a travelers notebook, printing out the prompts and BANG! Yep, I was right in the thick of it.

But in my defence, it is a cold, wet and windy day outside and all my housework is done along with my washing and ironing.  And the boys are away this weekend so I had the house all to myself.

Anyway, to keep myself sane during this project I am going to keep it simple (fingers crossed).  My Travelers Notebook has 32 pages, a stitched spine, little tabs with the prompt added and a determination to see a project through to the end - well near the end, you know, most pages done!

Here is prompt 1 - Wake Up

Actually this is what got me all excited about doing this project.  I was warm and snug in bed, reading "the girl on the train".  I decided to make some warm honey water and check out instagram.  That's when I saw all the details about #31minutesfor31days & #30daysofhome.  I glanced up at the window as I heard the rain starting to fall again.  I had a thought about how much I love waking up when it's cold and wet outside, all snuggled up in my bed watching the weather through the window.  Yep, I took a photo and that's how I got to this spot.

Happy documenting
love me :-)


  1. This is too perfect Tracey! I love it and love how you are combining both challenges. I was telling myself to relax and play catch up on my annual album this month now that things have settled down some, but I decided to join these two challenges also!

  2. Love seeing your updates of this project on Instagram. How did you put the tags in?


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