Pumpkin Crush...

Paislee Press has a new digital kit out called Autumn Vibes, available now at The Lily Pad and if you had on over there this weekend you can get it for 30% off.

Now, if you are like me and live in Australia or similar, then we are not having autumn right now, we are doing spring (well here in Western Australia we are still trying to finish off winter) but the best thing about these kits is that they can be used for so much more than Autumn.  

A few years back when we went to NYC I became obsessed with Pumpkin Spiced Lattes (and I think it's a crime that we don't have them here in Australia, maybe I should start a partition to bring them over!!) so much so that I had one every morning, with breakfast at Starbucks.  Recently a dear friend got me some Pumpkin Spiced Latte sachets from their family in America.  I will be honest, I have been hoarding them but when I saw this latest kit from Paislee Press I decided it was time to break open the packet and indulge myself.  Plus, I figured they won't last forever.

This layout, although made entirely from digital elements, it is a hybrid layout.  I printed all my elements out then created a tradition scrapbook layout.  The background is made using a 3x4 digital journal card that enlarged to cover my cardstock.  I also added some leaves and the pumpkin text, then printed it out onto a 8.5 x 11 piece of cardstock.  I added my photo and text to the photo template, printed it out and added it to my layout.   Next I printed off the coffee cup and more leaves, fussy cut these out then added as the finishing touches to my layout.

I also a "Vintage Summer Mini Flair" from Feed Your Craft and some ink splatters. 

The best thing about this kit being digital... is that I can used these elements over and over again.  They will never run out.

Enjoy your weekend
Love me :-)

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  1. It's absolutely lovely. Every last detail :). I am off to look at the kit, though I doubt my ability to produce anything as nice as this ...


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