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A few years back I purchased the Desk Calendar Kit from Paislee Press because I wanted to make some Christmas gifts for friends.  I had them printed 5 x 7 and simply clipped them to a craft clipboard.  The people that I gave them to went nuts over them and said could I just have a new one of these every year.  

The following year I chose different themes for the photos that I placed on each calendar, printed them out 5x7 and put them in glassine bags which I decorated just a little.  There was no need to give them a clipboard because they aleady had one from the year before.  I couldn't get over how much everybody loved them.  I am so glad because there fun and so simple to put together and the whole gift is not very expensive.

I am so excited because Liz from Paislee Press has released new calendar templates for 2018 which can be found at The Lily Pad.  There are lots of different sizes to choose from including a poster size.  You also have the option of choosing Sunday or Monday as your start of the week.

Please note that the photos on each monthly calendar template shown below are not my photos.  They have been taken from Pinterest.  Throughout the year I pin loads of different images that appeal to me and that I think would look great on a calendar.  Then when it's time to put the project together I just go to my Pinterest boards and select my photos from there.  Pinterest is a great place to store your ideas and it means you don't have to remember where you saved your photos too.

I have a love for push bikes, no necessarily riding them but I just love to collect images of them.  Because I had quite a collection I thought it would make a great collection for a calendar and I was right.  I just loved it turned out.

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Enjoy what is left of your weekend and I hope you have a good week.

Love me :-)

Please note:  each of the photos that appear on each monthly calendar are not my photos, these were images taken from Pinterest and the internet.

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