Book review #2...

I have read my second book already for the year and it makes me so happy.

I was a little unsure how I would feel about this book.  I was scared that it might be a little too close to home.  A very dear family friend bought it for me so I felt like I needed to at least try and read it.  I loved it.  I loved it so much I read it in two days.  And yes, it was very close to home.  It was like reading MY story but it actually felt good to read it.  It sought of validated my feelings if that makes sense.  It was good to know that these weird thoughts and feelings that I have had/have are totally normal in a very "not normal" time in my life.  I laughed, cried and at times nodded my head saying out loud "yes! that is so right".

Andrea Hutton wrote this book in simple to understand language but also straight to the point.  It was clear and concise with a lot of great advice.  My favourite parts were her "top 5" list at the end of every topic.  So many great tips in those lists and if you are currently going through treatment for breast cancer it is a great read.  As I said it's not difficult to read, a nice simple book but with loads of great advice and great laughs along the way.

I added my review to my "Read" travellers notebook using papers from Felicity Jane Studio along with digital elements, die cuts and journal cards from the "Mark your Place" kit from Brandi Kincaid and Feed Your Craft.  The kit has sold out but the die cuts (my personal favourite) and digital elements are still available here.

I am really enjoying getting back into reading, now I only hope that I can keep this up.

Enjoy your week
Love me :-)

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