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I am in card making frenzy today as we are celebrating three birthdays tonight, two first birthday's and one sixteenth.  I thought I would share with you my process when making cards using digital products.  Over the past year or so I have been using digital products more and more because I love  that there is no limit as to how I can use them.  By far my most used digital kit is the "Oh Happy Day" digital scrapbook from Paislee Press by Liz Tamanaha.  There are so many choices in this kit to allow for any type of birthday that  is being celebrated, especially for the men in your life.  But again that is the advantage with digital products, I can even change the colour on most things so I really am unlimited with choice.

When I first start to put a card together using digital products, I start out in photoshop and play around with design, colours and embellishments.  Once I am happy with the basic design I print out all of the elements  (as seen in above photo).  I also "save as" the card design so that I can use it again.

My next step is to cut all the elements out.  Sometimes when I am designing the card in photoshop I may be torn between a few elements, not sure how I want the card to look.  If this happens I print out the extra pieces even if I am not sure if I will use them.  It's easier to do it as this stage because there is usually some space left on your initial print and it saves having to go back and print again and waste a whole sheet of cardstock.
When I was making two of these cards I was unsure if I wanted to include a number "one" or not on the card.  These cards are for my great niece and nephew who are turning one and I didn't know if I liked the look of the number on the card or not so I printed them out anyway.  As it turned out I loved how it looked on the card.  Making things with digital products is no different than physical product.  Sometimes things look better when you can play around with them physically.

The other thing I love about this digital kit is that I was able to use it to make a first birthday card as well as a sixteen birthday card.  Plus, two of the cards are for boys and one for a girl.  So as I said, digital is so versatile.

I have also go into the habit lately of making an extra card.  I figure I already have all the stuff out so  I might as well make an extra one to add to my stash.  For the card below all I have to do is add some number stickers to the front once I know what birthday is being celebrated.

I hope that you found this helpful and I hope that it may inspire you to give products a go.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to leave them in the comments below.

Happy card making!
Love me :-)

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  1. It does indeed inspire me - your cards are very nicely put together. I keep forgetting that digital things can be printed out and fussy-cut!


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