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January is a busy time for us with Birthdays, lots of Birthdays.  So, that means lots of cards and one thing I am trying to do this year is to make my cards ahead of time, to be organised.  Usually I am sticking down pieces onto a card as I am walking out the door.

One thing that has made "being organised" possible is my move to digital elements and papers to make my cards.  I don't mean making a digital card and sending it via email, I mean using digital products to make my card making easier.  Since being on the Creative Team for Paislee Press I have learned to use digital elements/papers etc more and more.  I think I have said it before, but using digital products means that I can plan my project in photoshop, make sure I am happy with everything then print out all the pieces and put it together.

When I design a card in photoshop, once I am happy with my final product I save it as a PSE file so that all the layers are retained.  I do this so that if I need another card I can simply print it out as is or change things around if I need to before printing it out.  It also means  I can use the same card for a male or female, I just need to change the pattern paper or an element.  It's the same if I want to add numbers/age to the front of the card, if I need to redo the card I can just simply change the numbers to fit the situation.

Below is each of the cards after I have printed all the elements out and then put it together to create the card.  The last photo is what the cards looks like digitally.

Here are the cards in digital format:-
It also means I never run out of my favourite paper or embellishment, because all I have to do it print it out.  And it also means that I can stop hoarding all my cards.  You know what I mean, you make a card and you just love it and you just can't bear to give it away.  Now I can give it away and simply print off another one.

If you have any questions please leave them in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by and happy card making.
Love me :-)

Please note:  Digital papers and elements used are from the "Oh Happy Day" collection from Paislee Press available at The Lily Pad.

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