Magic - layout

A few weeks back I wrote a post about reading in bed, it's something that I can't do very often but when I do it's magic for me.  You can read the post here.
I had been thinking about doing a layout about it but the photo's I took weren't very good.  They were blurry, very grainy and I just didn't like the colour.  
When I was going through my Story Kits I came across the "magic" kit.  I got thinking about that post and how reading in bed is "magic" for me.  I knew that this was something about me that I wanted to document, a story about me and something that makes me happy.  
I decided to try something different.  I decided that I would put aside my issues with it being a bad photo and use it anyway, however I had a go at adding my journaling straight onto my photo (I took my journaling directly from the blog post).  Then, with my journaling in place I also decided to go big and printed the photo out 8.5 x 11inches.
I then added a few chipboard embellishments from the story kit and also added the "magic" acrylic word right onto the photo.  I finished it off with a  few gold stars, also from the kit.

its turns out that it being grainy and blurry added a sense of "mood" and "feeling" to the photo.  It set the tone of how I was feeling and what I was thinking.
I also love how the story kits/stamps get you thinking about stories, sparkes creativity but above all it makes you think a little differently.

So from now on grainy photos get printed - LOL!
Have you tried any new techniques or ideas lately.  I would love to hear what you are trying.

Have a great Tuesday
love me :-)


  1. Another wonderful page - and I have used blurry photos too, because they often have their own story or act as a useful backdrop to the words. This is so elegant ... and, oh, the joy of having time and space to onerself! I absolutely concur.

  2. Tracey, the end result is nothing less than magic! As you always say 'it's all about the story' and that's what you've done. Good job.


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