#myselfiescrapbook - that's a wrap...

WOW!  What an amazing and wonderful project this has been.  I loved it from the start and it is definitely my favourite project ever.

I thought taking selfies was a bit silly and if I am being honest I only took them to annoy my kids.  But this wonderful project has taught me that taking a "Selfie" is so much more... 
It's about me getting in the picture, 
it's about me having fun, 
it's about me taking some risks (remember that hair shot LOL), 
it's about me capturing some very raw and unedited moments, 
it's about me getting my story told. 

and so much more...

It was also about relationships, both old and new,
It was about sharing our knowledge with each other,
It was about trying new things,
It was about learning new skills,
It was about learning that perfection isn't a requirement of life,
It was about being in a photo and loving how we look,
It was about laughing and enjoying the moment.

Here are the last few pages of my book...

Would you believe that I happened to own a T-Shirt that said "be your selfie"  LOL!  I got it last year when I was in Singapore and I have been keeping aside ready to take on the last day.

I followed Mandy's idea for the last page of my book. I felt that it finished off this project perfectly.  I  have been keeping the quote from Polka Dot Creative for my last page too.

I chose to document this journey with a photo book and proud to say that I sent if off for printing this morning.  And in case you are wondering what photo I chose for my cover...
Yep - that hair shot

I want to say a big thankyou to everyone who participated in this project and for all your kind comments and support that I have received.  It has certainly been a wonderful experience.  I know I keep saying it but it truly has been for me and one that I will remember for a very long time.

I really can't end this post without a huge, huge thank you to the amazing ladies who got this project up, running and who kept us all so inspired to keep going -

Jennifer - Sunlight & Air
Julie - How I Sustain
Mandy - Record Life

#myselfiescrapbook - that's a wrap


  1. Amazing Tracey - I have to agree, it was a magnificent project and it was great to do it with you and all the other ladies.

  2. Tracey. I love you. And I love your album. I have really enjoyed seeing your posts on Instagram. That Flipagram post was just fabulous. Thank you for grabbing my script and using it in your project. Your enthusiasm is so infectious. xxxx

  3. Tracey, I love your book! Also love your fun personality and that it shows on your pages! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Brilliant! I just love that front cover - so vibrant and happy and full of life! I do hope you'll post a review of your photobook when it comes back; this has been a super project to follow ... Well done!


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