Sapore Espresso Bar...

It's no secret that I love trying out new cafe's and restaurants and I love to photograph it all.  The more quirky or funky the cafe/restaurant looks the more I want to go.  I stalk several foodie accounts on Instagram and they keep me well inspired to keep a list of places I want to try.
On Friday I caught up with my very dear friend Donna and we went to Sapore Espresso Bar.  I have had this cafe on my list for some time so I was excited to finally be going there.
You can check out their instagram account here, and keep an eye out for their amazing milkshakes which I am yet to try.

I ordered the Breakfast Board of a bacon & egg slider, potato croquette and mini granola pot.  I have to confess... the main reason I ordered the breakfast board was because the idea of a mini granola pot sounded so cute and I am all about the packaging.

... and those jars are filled with freshly juiced apple, ginger and lemon!  YUM!!

love me :-)

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  1. Um, wow, that looks so delicious, Tracey, hope you ladies had a fun time!


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