2016 & Project Life...

I have quite a bit of catching up to do for Project Life for 2015 which I am ok with but it got me thinking.
How do I want to tackle Project Life in 2016?

My first thought was to take a break.  I have been doing PL for 5 years and maybe taking a break would give me the chance to do something else.  I will be honest here, I came very close.  But the reality is that I would probably miss it, then try to catch up and fail - and then be upset because I didn't do I right from the beginning.

So I made the decision to do it again but I needed to find a way to do it differently as I was getting a little bored.  I know that sounds awful.  The product is brilliant and the concept truly wonderful but for us creative people, sometimes we need to change things up.

I decided that 9x12 would be a great idea.  It wasn't 12x12, so that was different but the shocking truth is, to find albums and page protectors here is Australia is impossible.  Yes we can purchase them overseas but with the exchange rates and the postage it just isn't worth it.
I then gave 6 x 8 some serious thought.  I love the size and Stampin Up has Kraft 6x8 albums that I just love.  But that gave me another problem.  I would end up with a heap of albums (not much storage is my house) and I wouldn't be able to add layouts.

So back to 12x12 I went. So how could I make this different to any other year.  I also needed to make it simple because half the reason I fall behind is I have made it too complicated.  In comes the Project Life App.  I have had the app since it began and  I liked the idea of being able to put together 12x12 pages on my phone and get them printed.  Although the app was great, getting 12x12 photos printed here in Australia is expensive.  In the last week I went back to playing with the app and started playing with the 4x6 collages.  Once I had completed the collage I just saved them and then exported them to my dropbox.  From there I can print them at home or just upload them to a USB drive and take it down to my local print shop and they are done.

The photos above were all done using the PL App.  I will admit that on two of them I did the journaling in photoshop  as I wasn't sure what I wanted to write when putting it together in the app.
Tomorrow I will be putting them into my PL album for 2016.  Week One done!!

Lets see how I go!!
love me :-)


  1. Great approach to your PL, Tracey! I've been seeing more and more people using the PL app and while I do have it, I've never used it. Definitely tempted to check it out after seeing your photos above! :)

  2. So glad you'll keep going, as I love your pages. I have the app, too, but find that most of my pics are from my big camera. And I tend to buy the digital kits so that I can work on the computer, and I tell myself I'll upload them to Drop Box so I can also use them in the app. But...I haven't, of course. I'm trying to figure out if I can do my cards in the app the way you've done here, and then add to them in PS. We shall see!

  3. I'm still trying to decide on my album size. It's great that you are using the PL app. I find myself using it more and more too! Can't wait to see more of your 2016 pages.


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