OLW2016 - Focus

I spent quite some time choosing my OLW2016.
Sometimes my word comes easy and other times is takes a bit longer.  I had originally chose a different word and although I liked the direction that it would send me in, I felt that it also may limit me.

In the last few days something happened, and word kept coming up and each time it did I could feel it was trying to tell me something.  So I stopped, listened and spent time just being with this word.
I loved how it made me feel and I loved how it got me excited.

I wrote a list of some of the things that I want my word to help me with...

Acknowledge bad days, learn from the lesson and then FOCUS on making tomorrow better.

Accept bad food choices, then FOCUS on making good choices for my next  meal.

Look beyond the negative experience and FOCUS on the positive.
(there is always a positive, you just have to look)

Splurge every now and then and continue to FOCUS on good spending habits and saving goals.

Listen to your body and FOCUS on making it healthier, fitter and stronger.

When the road ahead is foggy, take a breath and wait - give yourself time to FOCUS on what you need to do, never rush.

Everyday FOCUS on the little things that bring Joy.

... where will this little word take me!
Love me :-)


  1. So glad you found your word and the good feeling it has. Looking forward to seeing where it leads you this year. Your thoughts were good to read, I need some of those too. Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year full of blessings and love.

    Read your posts below too and enjoyed them. So awesome for your daughter's first trip. Your advent cards are the BEST!! Enjoy your crafty time in 2016! xo

  2. Happy New Year, Tracey! It seems we are of the same mind with our word for this year. :) I can't wait to see where your journey takes you and am looking forward to being further inspired by you in the coming year! xo


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