PL - Week One...

This is my first attempt at using the PL App which so far I am liking.  I ended up adding a few more embellishments than I probably needed to (note to self) but as far as getting my week completed, I am happy.  
I still have a lot more to learn about the app but that's ok.  I was worried that using the app might make me feel a little less creative but I like the fact that once my photos are printed all I have to do is pop them in a pocket as is, or add an embellishment or two.  The big advantage though, is that I can pop them straight in the album and add embellishments later, but at least the stories and photos will in the album.

Looking forward to see where this type of memory keeping will take me.
love me :-)


  1. This looks great to me! I love the added dimension from the embellishments and the pops of red! Looking forward to seeing more spreads from you :)

    1. Thank you so much, it's very much appreciated

  2. Fab page, Tracey, I think you added just the right touch of embellishments!


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