FOCUS - March

As we move into March and as I settled in to work on my OLW prompt for March, 
my word sat heavily in my head.  
I find it very hard to Focus on any one thing.  
I am always thinking ahead, planning ahead and worrying about what is coming up.  
Sometimes my head is overflowing with ideas and sometimes it's just plain empty.  
I start way too many projects, 
and because I have way too much going on, I don't ever finish most of them.

I needed to empty my head of these "thoughts".  Not because I didn't like them or thought they were silly but because it was important to acknowledge these thoughts.  Too often I push things aside to rush onto the next thing, so it was time to stop, listen to myself and Focus on what I was trying to tell myself.

When I ordered these mini flair from Feed your Craft my intention was to do a layout with them.  But I think I will keep them and put them into my OLW album along the way, when I need a reminder to work on my word.   Having them scattered through my album will be a nice gentle reminder to FOCUS.

How are you keeping your word visible.

Love me :-)

Note:  these custom mini flair are available at Feed Your Craft and they are a great way to add your OLW word your album.

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  1. This is beautiful, Tracey, especially the broad stroke of paint to anchor the mini flair! I am right there with you about what you wrote! :)


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