#projectCRAFTroom part 2...

So, things are happening a little faster than I had planned (insert deep breath).  We are having a street rubbish pickup and that makes for the perfect time to get rid of stuff.  Getting rid of the two desks was always going to happen but not for some time, or so I thought.  But last weekend we found a new desk for my room so that meant we could get rid of the old ones in the street rubbish pickup.  That meant this weekend was all about moving out of the craft room so we could get the desks out, put the new desk in and then move back into my craft room.   A huge job to say the least but I just keep thinking of the bigger picture.

Once the desks were out, I cleaned the blinds, the windows, washed the floor and just generally dusted and cleaned.  While my hubby was putting the desk together it gave me the perfect opportunity to start sorting through some stuff.  And boy is there some stuff in this room!  

One of the things that I am sticking to is to only keep what I use.  With that in mind, I gathered up a whole heap of stamps that I no longer use and listed them for sale.  I was stoked when they sold as that gave me the money to start buying my new desks and shelves.  Initially I felt funny getting rid of the stamps but when I sold them and had the cash in my hand it meant I could start buying my new furniture and that made me feel so good.  Getting rid of stuff I don't use meant I can get stuff that I do use.

Although I still have a long way to go sorting, purging and cleaning it is already starting to feel light and airy.  I can feel inspiration getting ready to move in and I am so excited.

moving "stuff" out so inspiration can move in
Love me :-)


  1. Ooh, love your new desk, Tracey! It's a nice feeling to have unused items go to a new home where someone can use them, plus like you said, it frees up space for new things you will love and be inspired by. :)

  2. Gosh, the 'before' photo of your study looks incredibly cluttered. The amazing thing is that you can probably find everything you need when it's in this state! Well done for having a clearout. It's something I need to do in my study but have been putting it off for weeks. Maybe my wife will persuade me to do it this weekend!

    Dennis Barton @ Chand's Disposal


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