My thoughts on A Day in the Life...

I think you have heard me say this before, I am great at starting something, not so good at finishing it.  And that is particularly true when it comes to big projects like A Day in the Life. I love the idea behind it but I seem to run out of steam part way through and then never finish it up.
I promised myself that this time I would start and see it through till the end.
Right now, it's 10.30pm and I have just finished the majority of my documenting and I have made lists so that I can finish it up tomorrow.

Here are some of the goals I set myself so that I would succeed this time round...

I didn't get too fussy about the quality of the photo.  I just snapped what I wanted and accepted it just how it turned out.  It saved me a heap of time trying to get the best shot, editing etc etc.

I made sure I captured some everyday stuff, not alot, but some.  And I didn't worry about other "stuff" that might me in the photo ie. mess etc.

I also made sure that I made it into some of the photo's.

But... the most important thing I did was to use the Letterglow app to add journaling to my photos as soon as I took them.  Adding journaling etc after the event is where I generally fall down so by using this app I could do it right there and then.  All my photos have journaling on them and all I have to do is print them out and add them to my Project Life album.

I also kept a piece of paper where I added other stories that I wanted to capture.  I have already typed this list up and all I have to do in the next few days in the check it, set it out nicely and I am finished.

So excited to have this project organised and to know that I will actually finish it.

How did you go?
love me :-)


  1. So glad you found a way to see this through to the end, Tracey and I can't wait to see your pages! Fun seeing that at 3pm both of us enjoyed an afternoon cuppa! xo

  2. Great idea to add the journalling onto the photos sraightaway ...


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