An unexpected adventure...

As part of my OLW for 2015 I am trying to be a little more spontaneous and doing things that maybe I am not that excited about doing.  So last Wednesday I casually mentioned to my Husband that we should go away camping, just me and him, no kids.  By Thursday afternoon he had organised an overnight camping trip with some friends and we were leaving the next day... as in Good Friday.  So within 48 hours he had managed to take my idea and make it happen.  Note to self - be more detailed in my ideas, as in not necessarily straight away LOL!

  What I didn't know is that his friends had already planned to go away over the Easter Weekend so when I suggested "lets go camping" he already knew someone and somewhere to go.
As it turned out it was the best thing.

We headed off on Friday morning, just taking it easy, no real plans and no time schedule.  
This was such a fun and unexpected adventure and I loved it.
I want to remember so much...

the slow pace,
the little stops you have along the way - we stopped at Bakers Hill pie shop and I had the most amazing vegie, cheese and nut pie... it was divine,
not having a time schedule,
not really knowing where we were going but we went anyway,
watching the clouds, it bought back memories of camping trips when I was younger where we used to try and make pictures out of the clouds to pass the time,
the sheep all huddled under one tree to rest in the shade,
flies, they were everywhere - it was funny watching John do the "fly dance"
trying to cook frozen fish on the BBQ and then deciding to just smash it up - it was so yum,
cooking dinner together, then turning it into MKR (my kitchen rules) who was going to "plate up first",
drinking cocktails - yes we had cocktails,
suffering a hangover the next day,
getting to know friends a little better,
meeting new ones,
just being me & him...

Definitely going to have more Unexpected Adventures...

Love me :-)

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