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Hope your Easter weekend is going well for you and that you are not over indulging too much on chocolate.  I am, however, indulging way too much in Hot Cross Buns.  Thankfully Easter only lasts four days!!
I thought I would share a quick Easter craft project with you that is perfect for the little ones to do.  We did this in our pre-primary class and the kids loved it.  We then used them to put there eggs in from the Easter Egg Hunt. 

All you need is an envelope, white copy paper, cotton wool, pink colouring pencil, googly eyes and a small pom pom.  Seal your envelope closed then cut off one end to make a pocket.  I drew a rabbit face (we then photocopied enough, one for each child in class) and cut them out.  The children then coloured in the ears and then attached some cotton wool.  They then glued the face to the front of the envelope pocket, added some googly eyes and then stuck a pom pom on the back.

When they were finished I popped some coloured tissue paper in each pocket all ready for the Easter Egg Hunt.  This was a quick project that took the kids about 10 to 15 mins to put together.
Although each child used the same materials, each rabbit pocket looks different.  They looked so cute all lined up, ready to go.

The best part... seeing the looks on their faces when they realised the Easter Bunny had been and left them Easter Eggs.

Have a wonderful Easter
love me :-)

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  1. These are very inventive and very pretty - making a little note for my grandchildren for next year!


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